14 thoughts on “[Pics-4] BTS pictures of the photoshoot for Yalget”

      • mamacri.. there is a joke going on that but many Chinese eels don’t want Suk to date yet so they will “cooperate with each other” to make sure the Weibo # don’t hit 18 millions.. if it is going to hit, some will remove themselves from Weibo to keep the number below 18 millions always.. LOL!

      • what QQeyes007? some people will remove of weibo because they want to keep the number bellow 18 is it true or a joke?

  1. I still prefer a Korean girl for her, but if he falls in love with other nationality, it would be fine for me as long as he’s happy. 😉

    The images are great, but I understand if some eels feel a little jealous seeing him with other girl coz I feel the same too. Kkkkkkk 😉

  2. Been waiting for this CF but apparently still need to wait lol. And oh… I hope one day he’ll have the chance to have all these romantic moments in his real life. He deserves it 🙂


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