6 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS interview by JOSEI JISIN_20140916”

  1. Thank you Tenshi for the translation. I do appreciate your work. You can’t imagine how grateful I am (and I’m sure so are many others)to you to be able to understand the interviews and other programmes.

    The way he looks hasn’t changed much, has it?

  2. Hello Dear Tenshi_Akuma.
    Thank you for subtitles.
    I apologize in advance for my English “freshman” :).
    Everyone from childhood is committed to ensuring that society gives us. But in this quest, more precisely in pursuit of is current and possible to loss yourself … What links the hero of this darama and the Prince of Asia is very simple and bonalno, create your family.
    Dear Eels support your Idol, and do not be greedy. Thank You and your work that remind of the simple and necessary. Thank you all for what you have. What could be better?! Good luck and success !!! 🙂


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