5 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS comment about bodyguard Makimura-san_20140914”

  1. Thank you, Tenshi. 🙂 I remember this. It was the day he and BB arrived Japan to attend A-nation. Makimura-san seems to be a nice person.

    Can you tell us what Makimura-san was talking about with eels on the second video? Did he talked about JKS? Why did eels laugh?

    • The message video was taken on August 13th when he visited Japan for TEAM H “Asia Progress ~from a-nation~.

      But some parts were taken on different days. The part Makimura-san was talking was filmed when he visited Japan for Zushi festival. So he was talking to eels about the beach, something like “Please move quietly and quickly to…. the beach. I’m not sure but you’re going to the beach (Zushi) though. Please keep keep your body well hydrated. Please be careful about your health.” He knew that many eels would rush to Zushi after welcoming Sukkie at Haneda airport.

      • Thank you for your reply. I don´t know what we would do without you. 🙂

        I have always been impressed how japanise eels welcome Suk at airport. They never rush towards him, always wait patiently. It must be very exciting standing there among other eels and waiting for Suk. 🙂

      • The reason why Makimura-san is praised by both artists and fans is he understands fans’ feelings toward their beloved stars. He asks fans to follow proper rules. If they keep order, stars can get closer to them. That’s why Japanese fans are always trying to keep calm and order. Without him, Japanese eels would be too excited welcoming him. I really appreciate his way to protect stars and build good relationships with fans.

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