9 thoughts on “[Pics] ‘AJ’ vol.4 magazine”

  1. Thanks a lot Tenshi,it was the most beautiful pics of our beloved Princejks ,sooooo handsome with all his childish look, loving it

  2. Love especially pic no.2, he looks mature and manly. The cover picture with his piercing eyes is really impressive. I wonder what he is doing now. It has been so quiet after his Shanghai show.

      • The bad news always spreads quickly so Don’t be worried as they say no news good news .
        I’m sure now he is thinking to which drama he must opt!
        Firstly: to regain his status in his own country.
        Secondly: his military service is coming soon.
        So he does not have the right to make a bad choice, because it will be crucial this time in his career in Korea view the monstrous competition that already exists!
        All this requires time for reflection and a time to Deliberate with himself.
        So instead of worrying, leaving him time to completely switch off and wishing him the courage and luck. Surely this is more beneficial for him.
        Dear Mary don’t be upset 🙂
        With all love .

  3. The photo with the mirror is my favorite, it gives him a rested look and we can feel the phase of serenity of soul that he’s passing recently. 😉

  4. Awesome photos~! He looks so good and manly with a short hair style. Ahh, those eyes of his are so expressive and soulful. 🙂

    I wonder if he has received more drama scripts besides the one about a vampire doctor. Hope he picks a good script with a solid storyline and a challenging role this time around.


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