[2014-09-02] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

NOTICE: we changed the translation several times (1st one: Love is…, 2nd one: I love you but, and 3rd one: I still love you). So earlier comments were written based on 1st one. Honestly even Korean people find it hard to translate this Korean. But finally we chose a Korean eel’s translation. Based on what a Korean eel said, the phrase is used when party A in a relationship is unable to explain the things that party B may have misunderstood or were upset about, A would hence use this phrase “I still love you”.

Credit: Jang Keun Suk Weibo

I still love you

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  1. Love is …

    … ♥ “Love is never having to say you’re sorry ” <3 ♥

    zikzin sarang fighting!

    Sukkie, You're my God of the rain. i love You!!

    • agreed!
      It’s like if you read my mind 🙂

      Love is never having to say you’re sorry … = ıq ƃuɐɹɐs ᄐ’ᄅ’⇂ = uıɐɹ ǝʌol ᄐ’ᄅ’⇂

      • wow! *.* great 1,2,3 Love rain = 1,2,3 sarang bi

        when I read his message “Love is …” the first that came to my mind was “Love Rain” ♥.♥ “Love is never having to say you’re sorry” ♥

        Love is LR.
        Love is patient.
        Love is precious moments, together.
        Love is for always, come rain o shine.
        Love is wishing on a new moon together.
        Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.
        Love is someone to act goofy around one another.
        Love is someone singing Happy Birthday to You over the Cellphone.
        Love is finding that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

        ► LOVE is someone to act goofy around one another. Love really is being able to act goofy around one another. Love is about BEING YOUR TRUE SELF with THE OTHER and if you’re able to let your guard down and BE A LITTLE CRAZY, it helps the relationship. BY BEING COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with ONE ANOTHER, you help the bond grow stronger because you’re being your genuine self.

  2. Love is clockworks and cold steel
    Fingers too numb to feel.
    Squeeze the handle, blow out the candle
    Love is blindness.

    Love is blindness, I don’t want to see
    Won’t you wrap the night around me?
    Oh, my love,

    • He promised eels in Shanghai to post something like ‘I love you’ on Weibo as long as he forgets posting after he gets drunk.


    wow!. Whenever I use “I Still Love You”, I mean for it across like this: I felt good about you then and I do now too; I loved you then, and I love you now… in other words, it’s like saying, MY FEELINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED.


      The words, “I still love you” are said when YOU CONTINUE LOVING SOMEONE INTENSELY even after you have broken up and then simply are now just friends or distanced with him or her. You should say this to someone if you really mean it and WANT YOUR BELOVED BACK IN YOUR LIFE. It is never too late to realize that you love someone badly and want him or her back.

      Prince Sukkie, fighting!! i support you 4ever 😉

  4. Reading the extra explanation……all things will be clear in it’s own time..we will just keep on walking with you as we promise; come rain or shine..take your time AP, we feel you with our eel’s heart 사랑은한다 we know what man you are we trust in you..(as you say before…not because you don’t talk about it means that you are lying…it means it’s not your’s to tell)ZIKZIN

  5. Yesterday I tweeted him the ‘And I Love You So’ song by Don McLean :). Yeah, we eels still love him, too… quoting Mamacri: Come rain or shine 🙂

  6. I will be happy if he is really inlove. Just so happened that I bumped on this old song in YT that I’d like to share to everyone here. It was a popular song on school party when I was in highschool. Listening to this song makes me think of our AP Jang Geun Suk. I hope he will hear this song too. Have a good night all! 😉


  7. If JKS still love Yoo because his feelings have not changed, I will always support his decision and choice. i wish that his loved back in his life. <3

    I love him , Now and 4ever. zikzin-Kizuna! 😉 <3


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