[flash news] Jang Keun Suk Will Be On TV Show ‘Muse Dress’ in China_20140826

Credit: HS Media Weibo

#HS Media Star News #Jangkeunsuk will be on TV Show ‘Muse Dress’. Please looking forward to see how wuli Aisa Prince to demonstrate his chameleon charisma. Also cheers for all the goddesses. Eels, which style you want to see from prince the most?

#HS MEDIA星闻#@张根硕 即将登场《女神的新衣》[花心]敬请期待我们的亚洲王子到时候如何展示其百变男神的心动魅力,为各位女神们加油助威吧[威武]各位鳗鱼亲们会更期待王子的哪种style呢[偷笑]

13 thoughts on “[flash news] Jang Keun Suk Will Be On TV Show ‘Muse Dress’ in China_20140826”

      • It is a brand new program introduced just this month in China.. Suk as a “fashion terrorist” will definitely be fun to be in a fashion related program ^_^ I feel not easy for man to be in this program…

      • Oh, it´s about fashion! Thank you.:) Sukkie will be fine. He always know what to say. It will probably be funny. I really hope that kind eels will upload it on YT eventually, and maybe even translate it on english. It has happend before. 😉

  1. Any style Sukkie chooses is ok for me. 😉 I really love how he looked when he arrived Japan for 2 weeks ago. He wore just a gray t-shirt and jeans. But I love his blond ponytail from 2013, and his “Raining on the dance floor”- style too. He is always the most handsome. 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing dear Springsuk! Our Prince will have a busy time with events in China! Now he needs all our support! I send him all my trust in him and in his power to turn everything in magic. Honestly, I started to envy eels that are able to be close to him …:-)
    All my good thoughts are turning to him! 🙂 <3

    • Our prince will do good whatever he does…because he cares…and will do his utmost best…Can’t wait to see him being busy….Birthday Carnival!!! Red eels gonna celebrate his lunar Birthday!!

  3. Sukkie will always do well. He is quipped to do well…as a human being , as actor/director/script writer/singer/comedian/ he’ll be loved because he knows how to love. He’ll reap what he’s sow. He will have good karma. Annyeong all eels.


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