18 thoughts on “[2014-08-19] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

      • I thought he was saying “It hurts right now.” But I like your version best, Tenshi. 😉 I hope everything is fine with him. It will be better soon anyway. It was nothing serious.

      • Zoe, sorry, I didn’t mean his stomach. I mean he tweeted this kind of daily things to us means that he wanted to tell us “Don’t worry too much about that ridiculous news. I’m OK. The situation of my stomach is more important than that. Hahahaha ” I think it’s his way to show us he knows how much eels are supporting him no matter what. So I’m guessing it’s his way to show his thanks to eels. He seldom tweets recently, but he did this yesterday. I appreciate his thoughtfulness so much ^^

      • I know you meant the news. I ment that too. I don´t think his stomach really hurts. I think it was figuratively speaking, symbolic. I thought he was maybe a little bit upset because of the media, and just tried to get some comfort from eels. 😉 But I still like your version better. 🙂

      • Hi Tenshi! After reading that article, I concluded Suk and you are really soulmates kkk… You understood each other even at a very far distance. I agree with you, his tweet of his hurting tummy is more of an assurance for EELS not to worry, an assurance that everything is fine with him.

  1. Tenshi, thanks for your ‘translation’, glad to know that he is ok with that ‘pig situation’ news if that’s really what he meant from his tweet…*^^*

  2. Ok…I just found out about the news. I’m not familiar about Korean camping rules but quiet hours at 11pm …or any quiet hours at all seems a little absurd.


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