[2014-08-16] @jksjapan twitter

Thanks for your supporting Zushi fes and a-nation!!
After the two summer festival ended successfully,
next we have TEAM H tour!!! Please look forward to it ♪ ^^*

逗子、a-nation の応援有難うございました!! 二つの夏フェスを無事終えて、
次はTeam H ツアー!!!

9 thoughts on “[2014-08-16] @jksjapan twitter”

  1. Love you both, of course a lot more for my Sugar because I am an eel so I need my Sugar everyday to boost me up and keep me going. I just love my Sugar, an ordinary extraordinary love.

    • Everybody loves your sugar, Sudie. We can´t help it. Look at that face. 😉

      I really hope you will translate the “Team H on M-ON TV ‘CDET” – video that has appeared on YT, Tenshi. It´s very short, it´s probably just teaser for the show. 🙂

      • My Sugar, Mon Coco (my Egg). Am I too obsessive? Who can resist this madness, as you said “Just look at that face!”

      • Yes who can live without sugar..that face is so sweet!!!!!!!!
        BB is like coffee…now and then a good cup of coffee..to go with the sugar or having it black..just bring the rhythm in life

  2. Quiero que descanse pero tambien quiero que empiece a trabajar en una pelicula, en un dorama, cante como solista, todo a la vez


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