4 thoughts on “[fan-made MVs] 2014 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition”

  1. The sharing photo exhibition was indeed successful and fun! I love the song in the first vid, though I don’t understand the lyrics, it sounds that it says something that really talks about JKS. The 3rd video is also cool, the song “Driving to the Highway” has a good melody, it’s good to hear over again. Can somebody tell me about the picture in the 2nd video, the one that Sukkie was teary eyed? I want to see what happened, please share some link if there are any. Thank you Tenshi for everything! 😉

  2. CriJ have done unbelievably good job with a photo exibition, gifts, and everything else about Sukkies birthday.

    The first video is wonderful. I have watched it many times since it appeared on YT, and I´m overwhelmed every time I watch it. The sang really suits the video. Daalcom just keeps getting better and better. 🙂


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