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Vol.5 I have a fear of historical dramas… I want to costar with Fukuyama Masaharu!
Among questions that we invited before, we introduce episodes about Actor Jang Keun Suk this week! Looking back his actor career, he talked about his favorite character that he has ever played in life or the one he thinks alike, and also what kind of character he wants to try in the future.

I think I resemble Hwang Tae Kyung in ‘You’re beautiful’ most…
―― Which character do you think is alike among all that you’ve acted before? How about the hardest one? How about the most favorite one? [Fumi/in 30’s]

JKS: I think it’s Hwang Tae Kyung of ‘You’re Beautiful’. I found some similarities in him. For example, he is a perfectionist. And, he keeps calm and doesn’t reveal his true feeling easily. Above all, he has a Do-S (super sadistic) personality. My most favorite one is also Hwang Tae Kyung, but I also like Eun Ho of ‘Hwang Jini’ in that I could play the role with honest emotions. At that time, I got into the ‘Eun Ho’ character so much, so even after the drama, my heart ached for a while. That was one of my characters I put my whole soul into and no regret left. The hardest character is Dokgo MaTe of ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’. Because there were 10 types of women in the drama, so I tried to show different personalities and charms to each woman. So I need to focus on making the character well. That’s why I think MaTe is the hardest one.

―― You’ve played various roles such as idol singer, a murderer, a photographer and so on. What kind of role do you want to play next? [Usamimi/female in 30’s]

JKS: As an actor, I’m more interested in playing a role that can freeze the viewer’s blood than appearing in romantic comedies or playing a lead character from comics that makes the viewer’s heart pound. In other words, I’d like to play a character that makes viewers feel cathartic, not an actor himself goes through catharsis through acting. For example, not to convey what the character is feeling by the lines, but by his eyes. Another example, the murderer is hard of hearing, and he can convey his messages only through his eyes, no necessary to use other gestures or expressions. I’d like to play something like that.

―― Which points do you emphasis on choosing dramas or movies? [Kotayu/female in 50’s]

JKS: I always emphasis on a character I play rather than the story line. I emphasis on how much I can identify with the character most, so when I read the script, I always try to understand what kind of personality and values the character has first.

―― Please tell us a secret episode of your previous works. [Miki/20’s]

JKS: When filmed movie ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’, all scenes were shot 2 versions. One was shot in terms of an idea that Pearson (JKS played the role) was considered as the criminal. The other was shot in a opposite point of view. I was asked to play as such by the director, so I played two characters in one movie. I found it interesting, but honestly I felt a bit confused to play the character.

―― What was the hardest episode in your previous works? [U-ko/in 40’s]

JKS: It was when I shot drama ‘Hong Gil Dong’. Korean historical dramas are usually shot, touring around provincial areas. It was tough for me because I had to stay the shooting sites without a break until the shooting was over because I was one of lead actors. I remember we took a long car trip before. It took about 7 or 8 hours to the next shooting site. It was really hard drama for both actors and the staff because of long traveling time and waiting time. To be honest, since this drama I’ve had a fear of historical dramas. Lol.

―― In your latest drama ‘Beautiful Man’, MaTe used various ways to conquer women. Which one you want to use in reality? Is there anyone you used as a reference to play the role? [Mami/in 30’s]

JKS: I’d like to make MaTe who looks playboy and naughty at first glance, but no one can’t hate him, rather fall in love with him. So I’ve watched Olivier Martinez’s acting in movie ‘Unfaithful (2012)’ over and over. The character he played in the movie has very innocent eyes but, at the same time, knows how to approach women and a lot about the psychology of women, too. I played Dokgo MaTe referring to his acting.

―― Whom do you want to costar with? (each in Japan and in Korea) [gunciel/in 30’s]

JKS: In Korea, I’d like to costar with charismatic seniors to learn how to act more. When ‘The Happy Life’ was filmed, my values in 20’s as Actor Jang Keun Suk was very influenced by seeing senior costars’ acting and working with Director Lee Joon-ik. My view of life changed a lot then. Like that time, I’d like to work with seniors who have rich experience and philosophy. In Japan, I had an idea to appear in Kitano Takeshi movies, but his works have a bit scary image, so I’m afraid I can’t act well because I get nervous. The actor I want to costar with is Fukuyama Masaharu, known for his role of Yukawa Manabu in movie ‘Suspect X’s devotion’. When I saw his acting, I found he did very well to identify with the character. So I’d like to work with him.

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  1. I always love his reflection on his work. He is very mature in his perception of himself and others. Wishing him every success in all his work, lol.

  2. Thank you for the translation, Tenshi. I always love his interviews.

    Looking forward to see his next role. He wants to play a “role that can freeze the viewer’s blood”, and repeats lines from yakuza movies. I love him most in romantic dramas, but it seems like he will choose something else next time. 😀

  3. When he was ask about with who he wanted to work be it Korea or Japan..
    He did not mention any name for Korea except he was refering to the seniors he worked with back then..Since I know the actingvibe/culture and the actors in Korea in the past 5/10 years changed dramatically wonder if that has to do with it. He won’t call names and he has his reasons….but come to Japan he is a lot more outspoken and since he is so into repeating lines from Japanese movies and say he wanted to talk more “manly” wonder if something is boiling…What is his dream….I hope so he would really fit well..
    I myself love romance, comedy, lite drama’s (and musicals) but for him my hot blood is ready to be freezed…


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