6 thoughts on “[ENG_SUB] Chinese TV Report on Jang Keun Suk Birthday Photo Exhibition”

  1. Thank you for the translation and uploading! You are amazing!:) The lucky eel from the ZZRadio show is in the video!

    I´m glad that chinese TV has so long and positive report about JKS. What kind of program is it?

  2. daebak for Sukkie and eels to be in Chinese news for his bday celeb!
    i hope we eels continue to make our prince proud throughout the years. no other star shows appreciation for fans like how our World Prince does! so heart-warming!
    thank you so much for the trans and share dear Hazy, Saad and Tenshi ^^

  3. Eels of JKS truly a good role model to follow ,generosity and blessings flows through them.Long live #JKS.thank you for the sub.and sharing.love you xx


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