[2014-08-04] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Eels! Finally ‘zikzin run’ has been released!
If you subscribe it now, you may be able to get a special gift~~
Pre-registration website:

うなぎたち!やっと出たzikzin run! 今登録したらプレゼントもあるよ〜〜
事前登録サイト: http://www.zikzinrun.jp

tenshi_akuma’s note: I’m afraid this game is available only in Japan. From August 4th to 23rd, we can pre-register the subscription. Lucky winners will get a species gift, but they clearly mention as follows. ‘This pre-registration event and gifts are planned only for Japanese users. Overseas users can’t apply for this event. Even if overseas users join this event illegally, gifts won’t be delivered to the winner.’ But he posted this news on Weibo, too. So it’s possible that overseas users can play the game. At least, the pre-registration event is for Japanese. Please note it.

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