[2014-07-29] @nar_style twitter

Getting better and better!!! Well-built and shoulder line is great!!! #fitness #diet #bootcamp #gym I dont mention who he is!!!!!
Getting better and better!!! 프레임 좋고 어깨 살아있고!!!#fitness #diet #bootcamp #gym I dont mention who he is!!!!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: But we know who he is ^^ Thanks for helping his work-out!

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    • Don’t worry, Orasinee, Sukkie is far from Rambo. I have seen some pictures of him that was taken last weekend, and he looks slim as always. He just flexing his muscles on this picture to show the results. He is promoting his trainer too, i think.

      I just wonder why his trainer twitts about Sukkie after midnight (00:40?). Once you see Sukkie, you can’t think about anything else. I didn’t know it’s like that for everyone? Kkkkk 😉 😀

    • A big WAW 🙂
      very amazing transformations it’s just a such kind of a beautiful change 😉 since i have been disappeared a month ago, and I haven’t heard about JKS news all this time. i consider that he is trying hard to find his beethoven virus body’s I’m so glad to see that.
      By the way it’s very arduous to gain muscles but he can fastly lose them, so it doesn’t matter if he enjoying his new rombosuk look. he can easily recover his soft appearance of gentle prince once he will tired of this rombosukie look Kkkkkkkkkk

      hi zoe 🙂

      • Hi Malice! I have wondered what have happend with you. Welcome back! 🙂 I’m on vacation in Spain, and I still must have my daily Sukkie updates. Can’t hjelp it. 😉

        Have a nice Sukkie day! 😀

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