[STARCAST] “Bubble gum, blow up this big~” poster shooting of Jang Keun Suk

Credit: Naver Starcast
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In the summer, here is Jang Keun Suk, reading a book comfortably in the hammock!
Where is he now??!
This is the shooting place of Jang Keun Suk becoming the cover model of ‘THE STAR’, star and style magazine, in August.
It’s really nice to see him!
Aren’t you curious about his poster shooting? Now, let’s go and see his shooting stories!!


“Is it tooth paste? Or gum?”
Actor Jang who is concentrating to chew the gum!!!Can you believe he is 28 years old? He has so charming white skin and boy-like emotion. Let’s learn more about his charming points!!

“It is so hard to chew this gum~!??”
He is ready to chew the bubble gum to take pictures!!!

“Chewing hard to blow big even doing the make-up?”
Even make-up looks gorgeous!! What a poster!! >_<

“Look at this, look! Everyone please look at this!!!”
He finally succeeds in blowing the bubble gum big!! (Smile^^)
He looks joyful and enjoys the shooting. What a professional Mr. Jang!

“Um~So fresh”
A cut with delicious apple!!
He is about to eat the apple after the shooting!!

“Munching an apple…!!!”
“Wow…this apple is really sweet~”
“Healthy apple, I will take you~!!”

Break time, he is looking at somewhere!!
He looks at the gorgeous weather!! Even the simple t-shirt looks good on him^^

“I love skateboard~”
He loves extreme sports! He finally rides on the skateboard!!! Wow~ the posture looks stable…!! He is good at everything!!~??

He is monitoring his picture one by one like a master!!! It’s been 23 years since his debut and he tries not to lose every moment with a photographer. He is about to shoot the laser from his eyes. So attractive hard working man~!!
We glimpsed at Jang Keun Suk’s poster shooting coming back with Team H’s regular 3rd album.
His pure and refreshing poster and interview will be posted in ‘THE STAR’ August issue. If you want to feel the vivid atmosphere of shooting place, feel free to check the image under~!!

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    • Actually he is going to be 27 years old only on 26th September (or 4th August lunar calendar)as he born in 1987.In Korea, they usually count additional 1 year (you are 1 year old the moment you are born).

  1. I love that he is so child like and yet so professional and serious in his work. And looking so handsome while doing it.


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