[MV] Shortened version of “Let me cry”

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Credits: KeunSukChina

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Man, if I have known that a video (albeit a shortened version) would come out so soon, I wouldn’t have spent one hour trying to upload screencaps on my super-slow-as-snail home internet >< Anyway, JKS is SUPER COOL in the MV! Love him!

17 thoughts on “[MV] Shortened version of “Let me cry””

  1. mm… i’m not familiar with rock music genre or Japanese music scene, but is it common for a singer to sing rock and wearing a suit and tie?

    somehow, JKS doesn’t look out of place wearing that.
    maybe they’re trying to express the feeling that JKS needs to break out of some restriction symbolized by the suit?

    • if i’m not mistake..JKS start like Japanese Music and learn Japanese Language after he watch/listen Larc ein ciel and Ken Hirai ..i thought their style especially Larc ein Ciel as Rock band seems like that >> maybe JKS quite influenced by them ^^

      • The good thing is,JKS share the same voice character as hyde.but from my subjective opinion,JKS had more power/energy on his voice (“,) hmm perhaps its because the “eels” factor :p

    • i could still watch it just now, but does anyone have the full length of the MV ?? i’m so curious to watch the rest… can we find it on youtube or something??

      • Hi nea,

        This shortened version was released on Ponycanyon’s website as promotion, and appeared on Japanese TV too.
        I don’t think the full-length version is out yet.

      • ooh rite,i was too eager to watch the MV and didnt realize that even the album hasn’t released yet until 27th april.well then,need to be more patient here… ^^ do you think it would be release on international market at 27th april as well?coz i’m not pre ordering,and im not a japanese.

  2. Friends, can catch this vid uploaded by eel fans in YouTube a while ago before taken off again, search for “let me cry mv”

  3. Everyone, goooood news!!

    The full length of”Let me cry” MV and other special contents MV will be available on the internet site “Niko Niko Live”.

    It is a limited service, so you can check this out only
    from April 20 at 12:00 (Japan time)
    to April 21 at 24:00 (Japan time).

    Only for 36 hours!!!!

    Before you watch this program, you have to resister your account as a free membership.

    After the time comes, you can enter the special site.

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