[Pic] @icteru93 twitter_20140719

Before I know it, Keun-chan has already become an adult!!
He has a gentle heart and a great voice~
This photo was taken just before the 2nd stage with my daughters~


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    • I wonder that too, Amyli. It´s a man. He has a lot of pictures with celebrities on his twitter account. He is maybe someone who works in entertaiment, or maybe just Sukkies fan. I couldn´t find anything about him in english.

      I agree, Sukkie has a gentle heart and a great voice. 🙂 And he is a great actor, smart, witty and handsome… Don´t get me started! LOL 😀

      • Thanks, Zoe. It’s good to know that JKS is liked & respected by men in the entertainment industry. Sukkie is maturing well.

        You probably could write a book about this gentle heart & great voice man 🙂 🙂

        Happy Sukkie summer!

  1. his kindness is really great that’s why he always recieved lots of blessings no doubts his one of the best of the Best 😀

  2. My Sugar looks so sweet with children. I just wish I would be seeing him with his own children one day in 10-15 years from now.


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