[2014-07-18] TEAM H 5 days talk Part5

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Again, songs with unprintable lyrics? TEAM H album by mischievous Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER!
Part.05 Comments on all the tracks. ‘As time goes by’ ‘Gold digger’ ‘I’m so ghetto’ ‘Listen to me mother’ ‘Sunshine’

TEAM H released a single that has a bit different tastes from their previous works, which has injected some fresh air into TEAM H activities by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER. hat kind of view of the world the album ‘Driving to the highway’ has? We’re going to offer comments on all the tracks!

This song describes a woman who pretends she is pure and innocent before men, but in reality she is calculating.

── Then, 8th track ‘As time goes by’. It is included in the single album.

BIG BROTHER: I can say this is the most stylish song that I can make at present. It’s one of my favorite songs in this album.
JKS: This song expresses the feeling ‘I want to be with you’ straight. So, in that sense, I think it’s not like TEAM H lyrics.

── Is it a sound of the second hand of a clock we can hear at the beginning and the end?

BIG BROTHER: That’s right. Originally I didn’t plan so. But after I wrote up the lyrics, I decided to add it. Because passage of time is one of the theme.
JKS: I think that sound makes us feel as if we were transported back in past.

── And the following song ‘Gold digger’ is like hip-hop music.

BIG BROTHER: It’s like a mixed hip-hop and electronic music. But, it’s not like either. Well, it’s a bit mysterious song.
JKS: This song describes a woman who pretends she is pure and innocent before men, but in reality she is calculating. I heard BIG BROTHER had such an experience personally. Lol.
BIG BROTHER: Well…. it’s a secret. Lol.

── And the next song ‘I’m so ghetto’ is also similar to hip-hop music… Ah, but you sang “This ain’t hip-hop” in the lyrics.

BIG BROTHER: When I asked my hip-hopper friend, he said “It’s not a hip-hop, but it’s not electronic music, too.” So I intentionally put the phrase in it.

── And ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Listen to me mother’ are instrumental. They are perfectly made for dancing.

JKS: I just want everyone to dance with them crazily.

── The title is ‘Listen to me mother’, but is there a missing word after that?

BIG BROTHER: Oh, yes. Lol.
JKS: It’s a word we can’t say in public. Lol.
BIG BROTHER: Here the main tracks of the album finishes. And there are two different version songs like additional tracks.

── They are ‘Raining on the dance floor (original ver.)’ and ‘Take me(original ver.)’.

JKS: There are two bonus tracks! How generous we are! Lol.

8 thoughts on “[2014-07-18] TEAM H 5 days talk Part5”

  1. Gold Digger. I read that girls who want to be instantly famous in SK entertainment, they need “sponsors”. That is meant by 50 years ajusshi, sponsors, and girls, as in the meaning of the song. Well, BB looks so innocent, he needs to be ware of surrounding no? 🙂

  2. I love Gold Digger & I am so Ghetto too. Great dancing music 🙂 But I am very curious about the “can’t say in public ” missing word after “Listen to me Mother 🙂 What is Team H telling Mother? 🙂 Mind your words to Mother, Sukkie 🙂

    Thanks, Tenshi!

    • The missing word is f**cker
      Team H will not put these words in their songs…no need to do that, we get the point andI admire them for that because using harsh words in their songs and it’s really unnecessary…maybe they would say some words in a party but that is because they (Team H, eels and proteins) are in a party atmosphere
      I love all songs but these two songs are sl different..love the story and the layback way the sing

      • Thank you, Mamacri 🙂 I too am glad they didn’t use these full F…words in their songs! I can picture BB using these words ( he wrote the lyrics) but somehow I can’t picture Sukkie using them in his daily life. I may be unrealistic but in my opinion using dirty words in public is not Sukkie. I love all the DTTHW songs, including these 2 songs. They are a lot of fun. I just don’t like some of the words BB used in some of the songs. I know artists are artists and they express their true feelings, but I hope that using dirty words is not the trend for Team H which includes JKS 🙂

        Have a great summer, Mamacri!

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