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Vol.4 A friend and a partner, BIG BROTHER. What is your relationship with him!?
In vol.4, we mainly introduce episodes with JKS’ friend and partner, BIG BROTHER. He answered some questions that we invited before and talked about their relationship as TEAM H activity as well as background stories on their concept and their way to make music.

In hard times, BIG BROTHER is my reliable friend. I’ve never quarreled with him…
―― What is your pleasure while recording? [Tonko/woman in 30’s]

JKS: The pleasure I feel in the process of recording that my first image after hearing the song is gradually changing into unexpected, rather much better output at the end is beyond words. When I receive a demo of a new tune for the first time, when I hear the tentative singing, when I record the song, when I receive the master CD after some arrangements, and when the CD is released, I think I feel different in each step. Needless to say, when I sing on a stage with fans, I feel different!

―― Did you have any disagreement with BIG BROTHER in the process of selecting songs? You two are very close, but do you quarrel with him? If so, what is the fight about? [Yu/woman in 20’s]

JKS: We respect each other’s opinion. But, before that, our tastes are really alike, so we’ve never had disagreements in choosing songs. I often find a song I think it’s great is also Kurt (BIG BROTHER)’s favorite. And in personal life as well, I think we’ve never fought. Kurt and I are considerate (Lol), so we’re getting along very well. Rather, in hard times, we can rely on each other. I don’t think we fight each other from now on.

―― How do you carry forward the process of making songs or concepts with BIG BROTHER? [Shunrai/woman in 40’s]

JKS: On a routine basis, we talk a lot. So we don’t discuss the concept formally. Rather when we’re chatting about music and life in personal time, we sometimes hit good ideas. Then, we decide to use this idea for our new album. Something like that.

―― What kind of advice you get from a producer, BIG BROTER on recording? [Yuribou/woman in 40’s]

JKS: He’s both a producer and a songwriter. So, first of all, I ask him to explain the concept of each song in detail. Then, while recording the song, I ask him to give some advices such as tone of voice and how to put feelings on it. And if I have an idea, I tell it to Kurt and we discuss each other and try to find common ground. Like this, we proceed with recording.

6 thoughts on “[2014-07-18] JANG KEUN SUK TEAM H☆STYLE (ORICON STYLE)”

  1. Thank you, Tenshi! I love when he talks about his friendship and work with BB. This is like Zikzin Radio episode 17 part 2. 😉

  2. Thanks a lot Tenshi. I’ve got to understand my Sugar’s way of working better. He seems to be assertive but respect others. That is the best quality one can find from an artist. He probably looks vain but he is not.

  3. Sukkie is a artist with great dreams and ideas of his own but always open and receptive to others who are very talented in their own rights too.. He likes to work with independent musicians and artists..
    He is confident in what he does and want to present it as good as possible..he is not vain; but he is proud of his work and what he does..that’s good, if he is not proud how can we get the feel of getting something good, something extraordinary 🙂


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