[2014-07-16] TEAM H 5 days talk Part3

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The lyrics include lots of unprintable words……!? The latest TEAM H album with such a shocking track!
Part.03 Comments on all the tracks. ‘Open the door’ ‘Do it on the speaker’ ‘Raining on dance floor (Japanese ver.)’

TEAM H released a single that has a bit different tastes from their previous works, which has injected some fresh air into TEAM H activities by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER. What kind of view of the world the album ‘Driving to the highway’ has? We’re going to offer comments on all the tracks!

The opening track is very important. That represents the album itself.

── Then, please give your comments on all the tracks of TEAM H 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’. The opening track is ‘Open the door’.

JKS: This album starts with instrumental. Only shouting “Open the door!” is the vocal part.

── Even it’s about 5 minutes long, but the impressions given by the sound gradually changes.

BIG BROTHER: Right. I think it’s very important that the opening number represents the album itself. That’s why I put various factors in it.

── I think I’ve found your surprising side when I heard the electric guitar sound like a hard rock music.

BIG BROTHER: When I made the song, I wanted to express the similar melodious color such as single ‘Take me’ and title track ‘Driving to the highway’ using that emotional guitar sound. About the beat sound in later part, it’s a big feature of TEAM H, in short, electronic and danceable music side.

── Why you titled this song ‘Open the door’?

BIG BROTHER: It’s a message to open the door to TEAM H world.

── The 2nd number is ‘Do it on the speaker’.

JKS: It’s a simply shocking title, isn’t it? Lol.

── Do it on the speaker.

JKS: What this ‘it’ exactly means? Lol. I also wondered what it is and asked about it to BIG BROTHER.

── Then, the answer is…?

JKS: It’s something like we can’t speak out in public? Lol.

── That’s what I imagined. Lol.

JKS: The image of this song is like soda popping up from the bottle. I want you to enjoy such a popping feeling.

── And the following song is ‘Raining on the dance floor (Japanese version)’.

JKS: It’s the lead song of this album. From this song, we start running into high gear. The melody has upper sound, but is mixed with a bit sentimental factor, too. I think it’s new for us.
BIG BROTHER: Yeah. Up to our previous works, most songs remind us of clubbing, but in this album, some songs are meant to impress listeners’ feelings. I can say this is one of them.

8 thoughts on “[2014-07-16] TEAM H 5 days talk Part3”

  1. I like “Driving to the Highway” very much. But the rest of the tracks are “noise to me”. I don’t like the lyrics too, they don’t make sense.

    But “Driving to the Highway” is the best.

  2. Thank you, Tenshi! I love reading their comments on the songs. “Unprintable words” LOL Sukkie is so funny :”It’s something we can’t speak out in public.” LoL 😀

    “Raining on the dance floor” is one of my favorites. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing love..I tjink my mind and theirs thinks alike. .LOL….guess a bit dirty/naughty mind is a joy for ever…..
    I love take me, dancing, golddigger and I’m so ghetto…have to listen to the other tracks one more time…
    I must say this album is quite intricate. .and it is exactly what they said…they do this for fun and expresses there own vibe…not ment for commercial reason only…really handsome tunes tucked with a lot of surprises.some tracks need closer listening because they are so different..have my in ears and listen closely to the sounds…no noise at all. I love this album

    • Hello zanier 🙂 , you can check Team H’s new songs in QQ music app. You can download the app in your phone. They provide the original lyrics + chinese translation.

  4. I love “Driving to the Highway” album.. Take Me, As Time Goes By,
    Driving to the Highway and Raining on the Dance Floor are my favourite tracks…
    Thank you My Prince and BB for this album I love listening to all of your songs. 🙂


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