[article] Asia Prince JKS new short hair…Flying to Mysterious Realm to shoot his MV

Original source: ETtoday.net
English translation: Jacqueline Tan from ECI

South Korea’s Pretty boy, JKS raised to stardom from his role as Hwang Tae Kyung in “YAB”. His popularity, gained him the title of Asia Prince. It had been a long time since his last album. Finally, in July, he will be launching his new album. However, this time around, he has gotten rid of his previous flirtatious eyeliner makeup and restored a fresh and sunshine boy. Returning to nature, he took his MV shooting to Jeju Island and even managed to film his MV in the “Access Prohibited” area.

Due to his earlier drama schedule, JKS, a talent in both the music and acting industry had to delay his music production. Finally the wait is over, Team H will be launching their third album 《Driving to the highway》on 16 July and fans are really excited about it. According to JKS, the first time when he heard 《Take me》, he felt like he was running on a green meadow and he made his decision to film the MV in Jeju Island.

In order to portray the view JKS had in mind, the staff found a mysterious realm named [Mountain]. However, [Mountain] is an entry prohibited zone and a permit application is required before filming is allowed. Even JKS burst out laughing saying that this place is “Fantasy Land”. The new album will be launched on 16 July, the English single,《Take me》and 《As time goes by》will also be launch on 25 June in digital format.

6 thoughts on “[article] Asia Prince JKS new short hair…Flying to Mysterious Realm to shoot his MV”

  1. Thanks for sharing,awesome story for shooting in prohibited area thanks to my PrinceJKS ,absolutely beautiful location beside the beach in Jeju island

  2. Our stunning boy is full of inspiration! When he wants to do something he is involved maximum. Lively song, filming place very inspired chosen and freshness which he spread around him ensure a good state for the viewers and listeners …. and BB complements him perfectly 🙂
    Beautiful article! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Without too much make up and eye liner,JKS has indeed matured and became truly a man.i just love it being fresh and young ! way to go Prince!have a great
    weekend to everyone! xx

  4. I am so looking forward to hearing his new album, still waiting patiently for my “Take Me” single album.


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