[MV] Team H ‘Take Me’ (Chinese Version)

UPDATE: Add Oceanbutterfly YT link of “Take Me” without JKS’s greeting message

Credit: QQ Music
English Translation by Springsuk_USA

Text Translation of JKS’s greeting message:
Hello Everyone! Here is Team H’s Jang Keun Suk.
Now you’re listening to our new single “Take Me”.
Next month we will release the new album: “Driving To The Highway”.
I hope you give your support to us.

From Oceanbutterfly official YT account, “Take Me” Chinese version without JKS greeting message.

3 thoughts on “[MV] Team H ‘Take Me’ (Chinese Version)”

  1. Thank you Springsuk!:) I´m not sure what I think about Sukkies red jacket, and floral T-shirt. I like the black jacket from “bonus videos” and “Raining on the dance floor”- MV much better. But hey, it´s Sukkie, everything looks perfect on him. 😉


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