[2014-06-23] Tree-J twitter

[Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN Radio] ZIKZIN Radio episode 16, ‘A trip to South Korea’ part 3 has been uploaded on Podcast. Please check it from Podcast.
[장근석의 직진라디오] 직진라디오 16부 한국여행편 세번째. 마지막 이야기가 업로드 되었습니다. 팟캐스트에서 확인해주세요.

TEAM H “Raining on the dance floor” Teaser has been released http://youtu.be/xINCXbSpV7M #장근석 #TEAM_H
TEAM H “Raining on the dance floor” Teaser 공개 http://youtu.be/xINCXbSpV7M #장근석 #TEAM_H

5 thoughts on “[2014-06-23] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Soaking wet and sexy! I have listened to the episode 16 already, though I don’t understand yet! 😀 😀 😀 Thanks for the updates Tenshi! 🙂

  2. Wow…raining on the dancefloor is soooooooooooo HOT…we need all that water to cool us down…but instead the eels pond is almost boiling…
    AIGOOOOOOOOOOOOO Team H…Sukkie what are you doing to us..
    First you drop Take me a very very beautiful song almost serene…and now you dropped a nuclear bomb on us…………
    You want to kill all your eels LOL
    Please give us a warning before you drop something like “do it on the speakers”

    I love it love it love it…………..


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