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  1. Thank you ECI team for all the hard work! We finally saw the press conference everyone is waiting for because of your help. It seems that IU and JKS were having conspiracy to tease LJW. His answers were all funny! 😀 JKS has the ability to stand out no matter what the situation is, I think it’s his innate talent. lol! I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you so much! 😉

  2. Omg sukkie ..could’t you be more arrogant !!my god they know you are good looking stop saying that all the time !!! hehehe anyway thank you so much for the trans;)

    • Hehehe, you have right Alex. We know that he is beautful. He doesn´t need to say that. 😉

      But I think Sukkie just promote Bel Ami when he repeats “Am I really that beautiful.” He says that it´s the phrase that best describe Dokgo Mate. It´s Bel Ami press con. JKS is professional, he knows what he is doing. He wouldn´t normally say that in other contexts.

      Thank you, ECI-team! I didn´t expect to see the press conference with english subs. You are awesome!:)

  3. Thanks to the team who made this gift for us!
    I spent a wonderful time watching the press conference translated. In this way I was able to enjoy every moment. All three were at the height! It confirms that JKS inspire those around him … 🙂 As usual, he proved his sense of humor and tease the audience.
    We have to appreciate that in every occasion he remembers about his eels and he did not forget to send a message to them. When he was asked what he wants to tell us in 2014, he said, <>. Even IU appreciated attitude and help given by eels during the filming of BM.
    Here I want to emphasize something. In Explanatory Dictionary, about the word arrogant says it means that someone thinks they are better than other people, offensive display of superiority or self-importance, pretensions to superior importance or rights, insolently proud.
    We who love him and appreciate him know that JKS was not, he is not and he will never be arrogant. After 20 years of artistic activity, which meant 20 years of hard work, effort and courage to overcome obstacles, respect for those around him and for their work, help given with an open heart for those in pain, it’s not fair that this man to be called arrogant, especially by one of us, for whatever reason.
    All the best for everyone ! 🙂

    • Thanks Adriana.. for saying as much..I agree..
      Saying Sukkie is arrogant almost equals you don’t know him.. if there is someone who can’t pretend to be different than he feels …IT’S HIM; of course he knows he is beautiful he is not dumb…it’s a fact that always had been since birth..How others pretend to be so modest it always makes me wanne puke….but alla in this case JKS chose to do a drama knowing it will hit a lot of buttons of people and yet instead of choosing the easy 13 in a dozen feel good, sure to succeed drama he took this not so easy to digest drama just to show how society works and how a man who first went with the flow living the life of how the society alowed him to live, this man in search of his real identity changed to be a good and beautiful man from the inside out even he gets a lot of dissaproval and counteractions from people
      The real JKS loves to mock himself…he knows the society in general is very superfacial and judges people by their outer appearance and even they say they like the truth they still prefers the “false” modesty
      Like he said…for this promotion he had a “hard” time to enter the role of Matae..
      I love this man because he just says what he feels and thinks and I know he will always be the first to take responsibities of any kind…
      I don’t like prescons because most ask such stupid questions …they are boring and the artists can’t even show passion about their work..

  4. Yes, Sukkie dearest, you really are beautiful 🙂 I know for sure that you are more beautiful than me….inside and out, especially out…hehe 🙂 I like you too! Zikzin!

    Millions of thanks to Tenshi and translation team! You all did a fantastic job as usual! I too totally enjoyed watching & understanding this PC. Sukkie was at easy & professional. I liked that Sukkie praised IU and the other guy, and injected a joke now & then. It was really funny when he waved away his eels & reporters during picture time 🙂

    Good luck to Bel Ami in Japan!

  5. Thanks all our dear translators and Saad again.

    I mentioned before I never like to watch PressConf of any kinds, they tended to be so boring and tense. Needless to say, this PressConf was so tense at first…then Sukkie cracked up some laughters from the audiences, even from IU and David, from then on I could tell that PressConf lighted up a little.

    I even laugh so hard reading the commentator or the MC’s stating that only JKS can give this type of answer…something like that…LOLLL. I don’t even remember what was the question about?

    JKS will always be the Jang Keun Suk, the multi-talented man, the wise smart man, the person speaks whatever he wants type, the joker, the silly psycho, the often misunderstood person, and most of all, the beloved prince of eels.

    I realized that whatever JKS said, good or bad, people will always find something wrong with his words anyway. So nowadays, people’s negative opinions about JKS had become so little matter to me. In another words, I am not mad or sad or painful with those negative words describing JKS anymore. No matter what people said, I still LOVE this man.

    P.S I like watching Sukkie’s PressConf in Japan much more than in Korea…kkkk. I felt so nervous and jumpy every time Sukkie had to have PressConf in Korea. (I felt like he was at slaughter stage which he must be on guard all the time, be real careful with every words and actions he make or the Press will crucify him on spot or later on……T.T)

    • Kailey, ikr, the MC seemed to have learned abt the way Mr. Jang answering questions. Suddenly, I also forgot what was the question the reporter brought and his answer as well.

      You said “In another words, I am not mad or sad or painful with those negative words describing JKS anymore. No matter what people said, I still LOVE this man.”. I’m not mad but I’m sad. It’s not re. the negative words but rather the one who said those words. I don’t think we could bring anonymity as the sole factor for it.All I can say, being positive is definitely not a sin and even Master of the Eels has thought it implicitly.

      ps. thank you for your reply to my comment the other day. thank you 🙂

      • The MC knows him well. I think it’s the same MC as last year on his 20th anniversary when he got that flying thing as a present.

  6. Pardon for long post

    First of all, thank you to the subbing team for wonderful eng-sub, as per usual.

    Watching the PC, it’s recalling my experience in watching Bel Ami. There are things that I could learn from the three actors, just like then I learned things from their BA characters’ journey, particularly Dokko Matte’s.

    – Hearing Mr.Jang’s laughs were like oasis. Yes, the PC was dry but not that dry. I watched each of the actors made laughs and talked each other but mostly between IU and LJW. I guess it is reasonable since they spent more time while filming the drama. Mr. Jang teased LJW was also priceless. I don’t think he would be that way if he didn’t know JW in person before BA. And it seems, JW has different method in answering questions 🙂

    – IU gave special mention to eels contribution,the food trucks, that was so heartwarming.I do still remember a scene – the revelation scene that brought Mate to realize the password he was seeking – where BT’s mother commented that Mate looked skinny, and I was like no he’s not. So that’s the truth,they’re all gained weight, thank to the eels. 🙂

    – Again abt Mr. Jang’s flowery outfit, the last time I commented,I forgot to mention this but I realized now that in my country men do wear flowery/patterned formal shirt. And everybody’s fine with it. So nothing to discuss about. However, I noticed that he fanned himself either he didn’t too comfy abt wearing the outfit or the room was hot.

    – “Am I that beautiful?” this tagline belongs to Mate that it’s understandable for Mr. Jang to cite this on and on in BA events. Not that I’m complaining if it were Mr. Jang not he’s in character while citing it since he is gorgeous as well.

    – The reporter’s question abt learning things from women, I knew in the first place that Mr. Jang would mention his mother. But what looked a deep thought process though, I didn’t expect that his answer abt taking care of his assets :). I know the essence is important but again didn’t expect that. It reminds me of his peaceful moment in Singapore beach in 2010, eels were like eager to know what’s on his mind that looked like a contemplation but turned out to be…..guess we all hv known what’s all abt. 🙂

    Lastly,hope BA be a hit in Japan as well as other countries that bought the license.

    Have a nice Sunday to all.


  7. omo omo! so this is the Press Conf that made you weak in the knees dear Tenshi! ^^ i loved it! and I would totally feel the same too! kkk
    thank you so much to the translation and subbing team, please know that all your efforts are deeply appreciated and create a lot of good days for all eels!
    i am so delighted to see the team enjoying this Press Conf. It seemed like they were relaxed indeed and expressed their opinions the in their own light and truthful way! I am just so happy to see Sukkie’s smile specially when he was caught off-guard with 2014 message- always priceless ^^
    so thank you dear Tenshi dear Tenshi for sharing this! fightin’!

  8. Thank you for ECI sis n bro who taken their time to do translation. I enjoy BM press conference in Japan much more than in Korea, Suk seems more relax n him self in this occasion, wish all the best of the successful BM in Japan.


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