[2014-06-13] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Why I wasn’t watching this ㅡㅡ?

난 이거 왜 이제봤지ㅡㅡ?

Here I am!!!

Wow! Japan!! Nice day!! But I’m sleepy zzzz…

Suddenly it’s begun to rain…

Count down!!!

[Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)] making DVD [Jang Keun Suk IN ‘Beautiful Man’ up close and personal report] will be released on August 22nd!
[キレイな男] メイキングDVD [チャン•グンソク IN キレイな男 撮影密着メイキング] 8月22日発売!

9 thoughts on “[2014-06-13] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. just now accidentally found this pic pic.twitter.com/AKhukdoq8T. he’s damn one gorgeous man.

    @tenshi, if it isnt too much, would you mind translating tweets between Mr. Jang and Yusuke? Who is Yusuke btw, aside from tennis cup appearance and Z radio mentioning, I know nothing abt his relationship w Mr. Jang. thanks

      • No, not that one Zoe, it’s different guy. Please refer to Mr. Jang’s twitter, he replied someone’s reply yesterday. I think he is Yusuke that Mr. Jang’s mentioned in Z Radio ep ( 8 or 9 ?).

    • Hi Rham. I can only add that this Yusuke is an unao (male eel). As we all know by now, Sukkie really treasures his male eels as their ‘population’ is not as big as us, the female eels hehehe. By the way here is a translation of the tweets done by a sister eel (Eileen from ECI) from a Chinese translation of the tweet convo:
      Yusuke- keun chan! Looking dashing! I really like this hat too. Cant see u tomorrow thou is miserable, but im your male eel always! Pls do not forget me ur male eel!
      Suk – really didn’t change at all, still looking so handsome! Im also an eel master always!!

      • Noonaeel, terimakasih. Only Mr. Jang could reply that way.

        Yahh sepertinya grup ECI rame bgt ya. Too bad I am not in it. I’m just not into FB, I would not make a sign up, whatever the purpose is. 🙁

      • rham,

        That’s alright that you are not in FB. You didn’t miss much. Most of the things we shared in FB, we shared them here.

        I love reading your comments here. You are always so darling with your ways of showing love and admiration for JKS.

        P.S….I feel like most EELs are migrating to FB now, this blog seems very slow and not as active like it used to be. That’s why I’m so loving you here, dear rham.

      • Hehe… sama2, Rham. No worries about not being fond of FB, it’s just another user friendly platform for some :). Most of the information is of course posted here… only the interaction part is different. I always drop by to this blog as well… especially because it’s easier to read articles and FAs from here especially when I have to do some translation work ^^

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