5 thoughts on “[Trailer] Agent Jang Keun Suk #3”

  1. This is another fun ep!Happy for you
    Prince,you have fun while working.Our Prince has 3C Charisma,Confidence,Character(great attitude) Stay beautiful and humble xx
    Thank you Tensi for keeping us updated.You take care xx

  2. omo! this looks even more exciting than the first 2! i love Sukkie’s glow when he is out with nature! thanks a lot dear Tenshi for sharing this! ^^

  3. These 2 guys are having the best of times in this episode! This epi is going to be so much fun & interesting to watch. Looking forward to it!

    Agent JKS makes me want to visit Japan 🙂

    Thanks for the quick upload, Tenshi!

  4. such a sweet Relationship between Men ..This two young men having fun make me to explore the nature more ..In my country there are many place to do camping and feel the nature and want him to visit Myanmar one day. He will definitely love it as the country is 10 times of Korean and japan and he will found more place to do his Agent work .. kkk


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