[2014-06-09] Tree-J twitter

[Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN Radio] ZIKZIN Radio episode 15, ‘A trip to South Korea’ part 2 was uploaded on Podcast. Please check it from Podcast.
[장근석의 직진라디오] 직진라디오 15부 한국여행편 두번째 이야기가 업로드 되었습니다. 팟캐스트에서 확인해주세요.

7 thoughts on “[2014-06-09] Tree-J twitter”

  1. It looks like it´s gonna be part 3 too. I can just a few korean words but it looks like to me that part 2 ended suddenly without good buy. Can´t wait english subs. No pressure though. 🙂

    Happy #ZikzinDay# !!! 🙂

    Does anyone know how things are going with Zikzin day? I have tried to check trends on twitter, but couldn´t see anything in my region. I am not sure what my region is. Europe, maybe North Europe? How is it in Asia?

  2. I was wondering the same thing too, Zoe. I dont tweet so I have no clue. I hope Sukkie checked his twitter on June 10.

    Happy Zikzin Day to everyone !

  3. Hello Ells over Asia and around the world
    Have a fantastic #Zikzinday ! We love you forever #JKS #Zikzinday 🙂 just done my tweet a while ago.xx


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