[article] ‘Friendship between men’, Jang Keun Suk & Yamamoto Yusuke. Their innocent smile makes our heart flutter

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A Korean artist, Jang Keun Suk tries to nurture ‘friendship between men’ with Actor, Yamamoto Yusuke whom he meets for the first time.

The 2nd round of ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ goes on air at 22:30 on June 11th. This program is JKS’ first Japanese regular TV variety show in his name. In order to gain ‘popularity (EEL POINTS: points for being an eel*)’ in Japan, JKS is going to accomplish various missions as an ‘agent’ sent by a secret organization ‘UNG’. Through missions, we’ll see his another side, charming him more than his typical image as a prince.

◆innocent smile at camping site
The theme of missions for the 2nd round is ‘friendship between men tested in nature’. The target whom ‘Agent JKS’ tries to nurture ‘friendship’ this time is Actor, Yamamoto Yusuke, who is the same age as JKS, widely active from dramas, movies to stages and excellent in sports, especially at soccer and apparatus gymnastics. He is well-known as the most talented star in sports, having the record of running 50 meters in 5.9 seconds.

The mission area is Okutama at the northwestern end of Metropolitan Tokyo. The first mission was “Get in a red vehicle and head for camping site. The map is in the car.” Soon after their first meeting, they started to look around, and found red bicycles on the side of the road. They followed the map and got to the camping site. Then, another mission was given to JKS. Can ‘Agent JKS’ accomplish all missions there and get higher ‘eel points’ from him? Their innocent smile shown through camping experience is must-see not only for their fans.

◆I want to show my true self
JKS told the highlight of this episode as follows. “I don’t think it interesting that people stereotype JKS as a person with androgynous looks. So the goal this time was to show viewers my true self through ‘battle between men in nature’ and so on. I can’t show everything, but I want to let my real self out as a human JKS through various guests and getting along with new friends.”

Meanwhile, in another TV program ‘Con-chan Tents-chan’ broadcast at Thursday midnight, there is a promotional part for ‘Agent JKS’.

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  1. wow!! so exciting! i love his energy when outdoors! you just know from his smile that he is having a great time! thank you for sharing this article dear Tenshi! ^^ I hope he earns more true eels with this new ep! zikzin! ^^

  2. Can’t wait to see this..the backdrop is beautiful…I want to see the “battle” because we know Sukkie love a good one..

  3. Looking forward to this one. It should be interesting & fun! We will be waiting for the English sub patiently, Tenshi 🙂

  4. Yes Sukkie we would love to see more of your true self. I’m glad to know that he doesn’t want to be sterotype as androgynous but it can’t be helped…Jang Keun Suk is just too handsome to the point of being beautiful and that is not his fault. What can you do Prince? Anyway looooveeeee the combination of manly, sweet & gentle JKS these days!


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