[Pic] ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ from Fuji-TV ONE TWO NEXT Facebook

Original source:Fuji-TV One Two Next Facebook

‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ has been broadcast well on Fuji-TV NEXT Live premium and Fuji-TV NEXTsmart! The next theme is ‘friendship between men tested in nature’. The guest is Actor, Yamamoto Yusuke, who is active in dramas, movies and stages and well-known as the most talented star in sports. Besides, he is the same age as JKS!! It’s their first meeting, but can they nurture friendship in nature?

#3 ‘Agent challenges him in nature’
6/11 (Wed) 22:30~23:00
#4 ‘Friendship of Agent and Secret of the target’
6/25 (Wed) 22:30~23:00
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4 thoughts on “[Pic] ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ from Fuji-TV ONE TWO NEXT Facebook”

  1. woah..I never expect the guest will be a guy. I expect the next target will be a very pretty lady.kkk..interesting..curious and cant wait..when will this aired? this wednesday?

  2. Thanks for sharing Tenshi <3
    We get to see Sukkie with different people, inviromens, backdrops and circumstances…and how will he deal with it…of course the JKS way…
    The ZIKZIN way….
    Can't wait to see this 🙂


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