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UPDATE: added some supplement

My teacher wrote a book, by the way..
우리 선생님께서 책을 하나 썼는데 말이지..

tenshi_akuma’s note: This book ‘Glam Diet’ is written by Areum Jung. If you’re interested in it, you can access her official YouTube channel.

It refers to a great student like me..
How does it end about my regular project for getting rid of the baby belly that starts every summer..??

이런 휼륭한 학생이 나란 말이지..
여름마다 반복되는 아가배 프로젝트의 결말은..??

tenshi_akuma’s note: In this page, the author introduced a person who overcame unhealthy diets. The person used to love eating ramen, but he became not to feel like eating it any more even he saw a person eating it. Probably Sukkie has become like this student recently.

6 thoughts on “[2014-05-29] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Ha..ha…I love his sense of humor 🙂 He does have a baby belly now & then :-). By now I love him like a cute, smart, naughty little brother 🙂

    Thank You Tenshi!

  2. Was she really his teacher or he use it to show that he looks up to her?

    I must admit that I like when Sukkie weighs a little more. He looks very young when he is thin like these days. He looks like a teenager on a some pictures. I know, i know he is always extremly handsome. 🙂 We love him in any shape and form. 🙂


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