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  1. Tenshi & team,

    Have I told you that I love the JKSForever picture above? Sukkie’s soft & gentle look and the warm yellow color creates a very warm, soothing & welcoming feeling when we enter your blog. It feels like coming home. Thank you for this home sweet home! And thank you for keeping these pictures this long. I love Sukkie’s Marie Claire look. It’s soft & gentle.

    Thank you for everything! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Amyli for saying this for all of us who check this blog several times a day. I check many blogs about JKS on internet, actually I read everything I can find about Sukkie, but itΒ΄s something special with jks forever.

      Thank you Thenshi and Jks forever-team for your hard work! I hope that you will keep updating this blog forever.:)

      And I love Sukkies pictures in this jacket. So stylish. His hairstyle was really beautiful that day.

      • Same with me, Zoe πŸ™‚ I check JKSforever twice a day for updates. It’s called obsession….but very happy obsession, right? πŸ™‚ I didn’t know you are only an one year old eel:-) You are just a little bit older than me, still a toddler but so active πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for answering my and other new eels questions and giving information about JKS related stuff. You make us feel welcome. Nice meeting you btw πŸ™‚

        Maybe Tenshi should start the “How & when did you first know JKS” line πŸ™‚ That would be a great “getting to know each other” for eels here.

      • ItΒ΄s always nice to meet you here,Amy. And thanks so much for your kind words. πŸ™‚

        JKS is not famous in my country, and I didnΒ΄t know anything about korean dramas before. It was just a coincidence that I saw 5th episode of Love Rain, and wanted to see more of it. The rest is history… πŸ˜€ I have now all of his and Team Hs CDs, and several of his and Team Hs DVDs. So thatΒ΄s right, just one year, and totally obsessed, but in a good way πŸ˜€ Very happy obsession as you are saying. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi everyone! I just want to thank all EELS especially Tenshi Akuma for this blog. I just started following JKS few months ago. I soooo love Kdramas and but really didn’t have time to watch always because of work. But when I saw “You’re Beautiful” for the first time (I know I was very very late and I regret not watching it before), I was totally hooked by him. Since then I started following him, read blogs, articles, and news about AsiaPrince JKS. At first I felt ashamed of myself because it’s my first time to get this hooked by an actor, but I couldn’t help but to admire this person everytime I read something about him. There is something in his personality that makes all EELS love him a lot. This blog helps me a lot to catch up and get updated with him. I always visit this blog many times a day, and listen to his song again and again. Since YAB, I started to watch all his dramas and movies, though I finished all of them, I never get tired to watch them all over again. His songs help me feel relax and refresh especially when I am so stressed. I hope I can follow him more through this blog and through other EELS. Though I’m not sure if I can consider my self as an official EEL, but one thing for sure, I would never get tired admiring JKS even I get old. Hahaha… Thank you everyone for always fulfilling my day! Zikzin!

    • Christine, I’m have watched many Kdramas since first wave Hallyu – Winter Sinatra… normally I just watched and go to the next drama and don’t particular follow any actor (even their names.. but just now how they look)… until one day I heard about this popular Korean actor Jang Keun Suk over the radio who was in S’pore in 2010 for his first fan meeting… the radio mentioned he has become super popular for YAB drama in 2009.. so I started to google and also first time using Youtube to check on this drama online as it is not available in Singapore then. Gosh…when I watched the 1st episode of YAB.. I fell in love with HTK even he look funny to me with the eyeliner and personality and I completed the whole drama without any sub and hearing Suk’s real voice (as it is uploaded on Youtube by Korean fans) and when I completed the last episode.. I rerun the whole drama again (first time for me to rerun a drama immediately).. and I told me sister to watch online also as I told her… this drama is superb as the lead actor is one I have not seen in any drama from Korean, Japanese, HK or Taiwanese before.. love his unique acting as he looks like manga character to me with all his cute expressions. I told my sis, he is definitely going to be very very popular as I find him so unique as he can sing so well too with stage presence in YAB. Then my sis told me… sis.. don’t you find him familiar? I said No.. never seen him before.. but she said.. the 2nd lead acted in Beethoven Virus which both of us like so much and I mentioned to my sis then.. this young actor really natural in acting among all the Korean actors I have seen on Kdrama.. but I didn’t check his name then… With my sis’s comment.. I went to check what drama Jang Keun Suk has acted before.. what surprise me is HTK and the 2nd lead actor in Beethoven Virus are actually same actor… I realise then Suk is such a chameleon actor as it is the first time I can’t relate it is the same actor in 2 different dramas.. normally I can tell in one glance. Since 2010… I have been following Suk as I grown to love the real Jang Keun Suk more than any of the roles he plays ^_^ Now, YAB is re-running in Singapore and also in China… in fact, recently, YAB is voted as the most popular classic drama in China even after 5 years… and I certainly agree to that!!!

    • Hi Christine,

      Welcome to this blog! Nice meeting a new rainbow eel πŸ™‚ (Tenshi said international eels are called rainbow eels :-)) Tenshi and eels here are very nice. They help new eels find their ways around & to JKS’s magical world….then you are hooked πŸ™‚

      I guess we are all in the same boat (or rather pond :-)) We all got the JKS VIRUS… many like you, QQeyes007, Madmargz, & I, after watching YAB. This JKS virus is pretty strong. I haven’t found a cure yet πŸ™‚ Like you, I don’t have much time to watch dramas and just started following JKS a few months ago & am still learning about him. I find him unique and extremely interesting. Beside being cute, handsome, charming, & extremely charismatic, he is so multi-talented. He is a great & versatile actor and was incredibly striking in YAB. He nailed every role he played (I love every drama & movie he played in). He sings well and is a great entertainer. He is smart and knows his own mind. He has a business sense. He has dreams & life goals, & perseveres in the pursuit of them. He has a good & generous heart. He is fun and playful yet an extremely serious & hard worker. He has a personality that I like & admire. Because he is spontaneous, frank, & likes to tease, what he says sometimes are interpreted by some people as lacking tact & egotistic. They do not understand that he means it as a joke or different/deeper meaning. What’s amazing is he is pretty philosophical about their criticism. He is so young yet so wise already. JKS really is an incredibly admirable young man. I really wish him all the best!

      Hello to QQeyes007, Zoe, Tenshi, and all eels here! Love Sukkie & love you guys πŸ™‚

      • Hello guys!
        Thank you Amy for welcoming me! Wow! I’m so glad to be one of the Rainbow eels :). I like how you describe JKS, Amy. I am still learning about him too. After watching lots of dramas, from Winter Sonata to Secret Garden, I never been so much interested with the actors who played those roles. Well, I once been hooked with Hyun Bin, but nothing to compare on how I am now into JKS. And because he doesn’t have any dramas at the moment, I am now watching new dramas, but I stil and always find myself going back and rerunning my favorite YAB episodes.
        Thank you so much to all the eels here. More power to everyone! Let’s keep going!

      • Warm Welcome Christine to our wonderful JKSforever page.

        You are in the right blog if you want to learn more about Jang Keun Suk. Most important, you are among many wonderful friends (eels) around the world in this blog. Hope you feel comfortable and exchange comments with us more here..!!

        If you back-track your reading in this blog to earlier years, you will find for yourself how wonderful this blog is and..find the many reasons why EELs always are loving loyal supportive of JKS. You will learn that he is that good and worthy of a person for us eels to admire and love him.

        I can tell you that there are many STARs in this world who are handsome, talented and good person…….but there are few STARs have all that qualities and more, special unique more……Jang Keun Suk is one of them!!!

        Hahaha…same as you here, I like Hyun Bin too. He’s my 2nd K-actor bias. In fact, I like many other STARs (not all Korean STARs) but my loyal and support will always go to Jang Keun Suk first….LOLL

    • Dear Christine. I got the JKS virus after seeing Budapest Diary. I recommend it warmly to you if you not saw this again πŸ™‚
      Before that, I saw several Asian series, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and I liked many actors but none impressed me in particular.
      This young man charmed me finally and irrevocably with his strong personality. I started watching everything about him and I found a real treasure.
      Never in my life have I thought that I get to be fascinated by a child and be amazed by his deep and mature judgment. And this is how at my age I opened an account on FB, Tweet account and started to express my thoughts in writing for the first time in life. For all this is “guilty” only him.
      Here on this blog I found the place to express my thoughts quietly, as between friends and also here I found some wonderful hosts who make many efforts so that we can find out all about our Keun Suk.
      In conclusion, you made ​​the right choice regarding Jang Keun Suk and regarding Jangkeunsukforever… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Sure you will spend here wonderful moments and you will share beautiful emotions with us.
      All the best to everyone!

      • Dear Adriana Mihaela,
        Thank you for you warm words, I really felt overwhelmed. Also,thank you for your recommendation. I saw Budapest Diary already, and once again he portrayed the role very well on that movie. We all know that he can do well in everything. Lol! The only movie of JKS I haven’t seen yet is “One Missed Call Final”. I’m scared to watch horror movies alone.:( I also want to watch his previous dramas when he was a child, but I don’t know which site would it shows best. I tried in Youtube but I was not successful. Anyway, the week starts once again. Hope everyone to have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi, Christine. That was exactly how I felt the first time I watched YAB .I did all the things you did afterwards.I guess most of us have the same experience.We are thankful to Tenshi who faithfully and lovingly keeps this site updated for us Non-Korean and Japanese eels. I am from the Philippines.

    • To QQ and Madmargz,
      Thank you for all your wonderful words. It makes me feel awesome to have conversation with other people whom I haven’t met through one great actor as JANG KEUN SUK. He really is such an amazing persona to get other people connected. I am so happy I have someone like you and something like this blog whom I can share my opinion about him. My friends and collegues are not into Kdramas and Korean actors so I couldn’t share how I feel with them. I have also installed PODCAST in my ipad, and though I do not understand what he is saying, listening to his voice is much more than enough for me. I am even thinking to move to Japan next year to get more close to him. Lol! I have rerun YAB a lot of times also, and I really love his role in Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil Dong. His character in Baby and I shows that he can be an ideal father. One way or another, I really like his personality because I feel we have something in common. I have read some articles about the new Team H album that is going to be release soon, but so sad that it is not going to be release in his own hometown, in South Korea. I dont understand why his own people do not accept him as the whole world loves him a lot. In some way, I do feel the same that’s why I think really like his personality. So transparent and a real person… no pretense or anything. Let’s keep supporting him and dream together with him. JKSforever!

      • Christine, actually the reason why Suk don’t launch any music album in Korea is because he wants to be known as an actor and remember as Actor Jang to Korean… he mentioned in interview before, he wants to be an actor for life… Suk actually becomes a singer back in 2011 after many people including his eels commented that he should launch his own albums since he has such a good voice and sings well. I will always remember when Suk becomes a singer in 2011 as it is the year he launched “Let Me Cry” album and I was able to hear him sing this first time in his Cri show concert in Singapore as it is the first destination of his Asia tour in 2011.

  4. Thanks for sharing dear Tenshi! When I accessed NEIL BARRETT Facebook I was amazed by what I saw there. Our Prince shone like a real star. His serene and smiling face stands out detached amongst inexpressive models faces. I commented something like “I would dismiss all those models and keep only Keun Suk “… πŸ™‚
    The combination of red and black does not suit everyone but it is perfect for him.
    It is a bold combination that shows self-confidence and strength of character.
    He looks perfect in bold colors or combinations.


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