14 thoughts on “[Video] Con-chan Tents-chan_20140522 (no-subbed)”

  1. Looking forward to the second episode.
    Absolutely enjoyed the 1st episode despite not understanding a single word…
    their facial expressions, body language, gestures, and awesome natural chemistry say it all 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! I really like the show, but I don´t actually believe that we will get a chance to see the second episode. ;_; The first episode is ,of course, removed from YT. I am glad that we can see the trailer.

  3. I haven’t seen the video, removed.

    anyway, I am happy that he has this program in Japan. This is a very strategic move from JKS and because of his skill in languages it is a big plus.

    My cousin told me that in the past Korean actors’ fan meetings were so boring until JKS started a different trend in fan meetings. Now, it seems like they have borrowed his concepts. it makes me wonder whether they’ll follow him too with radio programme like what he is doing now. will they too learn Japanese and Chinese fluently? – hmm.. unfortunately learning new languages is a gift.

    I hope other Korean actors/actresses will be more creative and not just wait for him to conceptualize and steal his concepts.

    I look forward to more creative programmes from JKS – magazine or documentary or even a cooking show…that would be good too.

    Can I suggest to JKS? – your fans are super-talented. I’ve seen some of their works and I am so amazed that these talents are within your international community. you can actually have a contest where they can showcase their talents – illustration, scriptwriting, web design, etc.. song writing etc…

    Really looking forward to more …I am glad he is not confined to status quo.

    • I really love to see him in something like his holiday in hawai..looking at how he enjoy the food…water sport and scenery make me want to visit the placa to one day.he’s really good at promoting I guess. Cooking show or traveling show would be exciting too..

  4. I dont mind he being copied by other artist coz we know he is the pioneer. Great idea would be the subject of copycat anyway..keun suk ah..keep it up and lets others chasing u.zikzin!!

  5. He looks cool & charming as Agent JKS . I would love to se him as JB007 :-). He has the look, the charm, the charisma, & the sophistication of Bond. But maybe that would not be a good idea. Some people might say he plays a playboy role again! It’s hard to please everyone huh Sukkie? Just do what you love to do to the best of your ability & success will always follow :-). Zikzin, sweetheart !

  6. a travel show would be nice. i’ve seen his video on his trip to hawaii!it’s the way he treats and discusses subjects that makes him interesting to watch…he does not just use words…he even demonstrates with actions…ha! ha! he turned his burger in slow motion as if on a turntable as he discussed its ingredients…funny guy…so spontaneous…nice voice, too!
    sorry can’t find link…would have posted it here

  7. Thanks dear Tenshi !
    Super agent JKS! Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing… 😉
    I could see the first episode. Even if it was not subtitled, I liked very much. He looks good, he is fresh and sweet and is chemistry between him and the young lady.
    It’s amazing how talking in Japanese and was so sweet when he first met the girl. He was nervous as a real date … 🙂
    I look forward to the next episode and the next mission and I hope to have great success. Go agent JKS, go !!!

  8. Did u notice he pay attention to camera more than her.i think if im her..I would be jealous with the cameraman.kkkk..

    • I think he was very attentive to her. But Sukkie knows that it´s a TV-show. He has done this since he was a little boy. He is a good friend with a camera. 🙂 When he kisses the camera or winks at the camera I just melt inside. He always does things like that. It was the cutest thing in the world when he kissed the camera, and said ” Thank you for this program!”. 🙂

      • yes..he really like camera.kkkk..i have watched the video 2 times but i cant tell if he is interested in her.maybe he just being honest..i think he just play his role and dedicated to the mission.and that girl really very strict..i pretty like her.she seems like someone who not easily fall for someone as charming as suk..and she’s quite objective to seeing how she give the eel point to suk. ah..cant wait for the next ep.

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