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    • Yeah, I agree Mamacri. It´s how we like to see Team H. I love when Sukkie looks cute and dangerous at the same time. 🙂

  1. Hi Amyli! I hope you will see this. I just want to say that I have finnaly got my Propose DVD after 20 days of waiting! :):):) I just finished watching it. It´ s even better than I thought it would be.:)

    • You got yours!!! I am soooooo happy for you! I just ordered mine so I guess I’ll have to wait 20 more days go 🙂 If you got yours, chances are I will get mine too! Thanks for letting me know where to order it. I also ordered his concerts DVDs fromYesasia too. I’ m totally broke now! …but happily broke 🙂

      • Hi ladies, I would like to know where you ordered the Propose DVD. I would love to own a copy as well. Thank you!

      • I am happy for you, Amyli! 🙂 You will get yours too.I have prodred Zizin Live Tour DVD on Yesasia, it was shipped on May 14th, and I am still waiting to get it. I am from Norway, but it´s like I am living on the Moon. Maybe you don´t need to wait so long.

        I was so happy yesterday, and I am still happy. 🙂 It´s not just Sukkie.The audience,eels was beautiful too. So much love! It´s totally different from his coucerts DVDs.

        I have ordred it from here, Anonymous :


  2. I don’t know why. I just love this guy!!! No matter what he wears, his hair style, make-up or no make-up, smiling, serious, mean-looking, or pouty….I swear, Sukkie has the cutest pout in the whole world! Love his look in this picture…& love his perfectly cut & fit jacket 🙂 Zikzin Sukkie!!!

  3. I am one of his fan from Malaysia. I’m dreaming, one day i can meet him in person. But just dream only because i know it is impossible…

  4. I prefer to see him like the normal good boy as always, you know guys I used to be White Stripes´s band neighbour and even Jack´s wife, Meg was manlier and scarier than my beloved Jang, in my opinion he looks very well as the good guy.

    If he had seen Jack recording a Satan´s song in the foyer of his house as I did. The real thing has nothing to do with a good hearted man he is, even behind his make up we can all see it, please show us your true self, you do it very well doing it.


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