JKS appears in a Chinese microeconomics textbook as an example of a powerful endorser

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This article is about the competitive beverage industry in the world and the main example they used in the main paragraph is about how the 2 giant companies “Cola Cola” and “Pepsi Cola” competing with each other with war of advertising and each have their own plus & minus over the past few decades in the beverage market and the story behind them coming to succeed today. Bringing the situation back to the competitive beverage industry in China, this article mentioned about TongYi has spent a great amount to invite Jang Keun Suk as the endorser in 2012 and their sales increase by 3 to 5 times compared to previous year.

JKS has continued to be the endorser for TongYi this year, as his followers in Weibo have reached 10 million. In 2013 TongYi Group strategized that with purchases made, one gets a higher chance of meeting JKS in a Fan Meeting they organized, this further boosted their sales.

12 thoughts on “JKS appears in a Chinese microeconomics textbook as an example of a powerful endorser”

  1. I’m always glad to see Suk himself is a brand that can enhance other companies in their sales and brand name in specific markets.. I can see he always work with company for the purpose to increase the sales as well as brand name….Zikzin!!!

    • Our charming Prince is a RAINMAKER!
      He brings prosperity to their business!
      He is soooooo amazing!
      So proud of you JKS!

  2. QQ…we know our prince a bit specific with what brands he endorsed…he want to know about the product before he sign his name to it.. remember having read something about it stating JKS always do researc about the products.(company, production and quality and I guess even how the company treats their workers) I think that was the case also with Ferrino..
    Not many artists care about these things for they are ordered by/expected by their agency to make as much money as they can, even if the product they endorse is not so good..
    Our Suk is very good in increasing sales and promoting brandnames..

    • mamacri, you’re really a wise mama eel… ^_^
      actually I was studying some marketing trends in the industry when some companies already making big money and quite monopolise in certain industry in certain market… but they spend a huge amount of getting some Korean artistes to endorse their products or services.. from investor point of view.. I will start to wonder why the huge budget for marketing expenses if it is not to increase sales or brandname in a certain market.

  3. Well, well, well what can I say? Our Keun Suk did it again, another solid proof of his popularity & uncomparable uniqueness for future generation to learn.

  4. This is about the maximum professionalism! To our Keun Suk any commitment is equally important and is treated with respect and involvement. He became aware that any activity by him is a business card for future activities.
    The fact that he has become a symbol of quality products demonstrates again his great value and immense talent.
    Great work dear Keun Suk and go straight ahead!

  5. He’s loved by chinese people and they love to put his name in books. And ofc he is a great product ambassador.

    I hope it is okay that I’d like to share this pic http://bit.ly/1iL63CY , it was made in 2010. Mr. Jang was written in some exams in China ( I guess it’s for English lesson). Sorry if many of you hv seen it before.

    • I have seen many times Chinese eels posting exam papers with Jang Keun Suk topics and it shows many teachers and educators in China are fans of Suk… so cute!!! Many times, I also see in Chinese post students posting Suk’s songs being played during the school break… and many students.. some with whole class are eels…^_^

  6. ‘Asia Prince’ is not at all a pretentious title. Jang Keun Suk works hard and professionally to reach that stage, this text is a proof for that :). He might not be called ‘King of CF’ back home in Korea because he doesn’t appear every day on TV endorsing any products he can- however once he endorses, he really sells 🙂


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