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  1. What kind of award if should pay..im agree..eels are smart.if they really want to give award for popularity..still its too much.the award shouldnt call an award.what a shame for baeksang.

  2. What a shame for the prestigous Baeksang Award to do that. Are the organizer try to earm easy money by doing that? They are being ridiculous. Winning an award that is paid for by the voters is such a lame thing. If they really want to use that to rake billions of Won from the voters, I am totally in for boycott! Baeksang is not so prestigious after all if ones can buy votes. Shame on them!

  3. I agree…Sukkie would have us donating the money to a better cause…charity or social work..instead of paying the organizer of such a thing…what is the prestige of this award…
    It’s almost like buying your star an award…if that’s the case I’m sure Sukkie would get the BIGGEST one from his eels for he has a lot of mature and working fans

  4. With all these happenings that we are hearing in k-ent, its really unfortunate. I just read an article about a popular star these days who stayed with his fans for his fan meeting (abroad) only 5 minutes. And that every second appearance of this hallyu star is being paid or measured. And the press release is that it is something positive! WTH!

    The more I really admire Jang Keun Suk, he built up his own agency because he doesn’t like to be treated like a robot, he wants to be able to decide & have a final say about his projects, interaction with his fans etc. He fought for it because he wants to always treat his eels pretty special & last but not the least he fought for what is right & just & even up to now he is fighting for it. Eels you are all lucky! And I’m proud to have followed Jang Keun Suk & I will always do so. He’s such a precious, uncomparable gem.

    • Is that true? OMO…what did he do in those 5 minutes?…who was it.. that star has no backbone to say something against it…even he must have think and felt it’s not right…come on!!!!!!… I ROBOT’s….Aigoo…

      Our Sukkie is totally different and the opposite ….he does not want MC if he can help it…because it takes valueble time of him and his eels; he does not want the usual lame games and small or no talks……He has many things to say or sing to his eels.. his shows mostly if not always run longer than planned…and in that period of time he tries to squeeze in as much as possible because he thinks it’s never long enough to be with his precious eels and has hard time to take his leave…I LOVE THIS MAN

  5. I admire Jang Keun Suk for his courage and honesty. Our Prince always puts things right. As a public figure and leader of the young generation, if you do not know what is right and what is wrong how our world would be led to. Cheers to Jang Keun Suk to fight for the right. It is so pathetic for a big company like Baeksang to earn their money this way. They should have enough brain, heart, and etiquette for their customers who are naive international FC of Korean stars.

    I am so proud of you, Prince Jang Keun Suk, for your honesty and courage to always put things right.

    With warmest wishes, love, hugs and kisses.

  6. I support this! What’s the point in winning if you paid for it?! It’s like buying your own trophy. Suk and the rest of the eeldom would rather donate the money for a good cause. Just my two-cents 🙂

  7. totally agreed !! it’s a waste for money and time to spend it on something we don’t even know if he will ever win or not … and also it’s like buying a prize for sukkie !! i really don’t support this kind of voting. and what cri j did is really great thing.. bravo cri j !!

  8. Thanks for letting us know your smart and reasonable decision to eel fellows, CRI-J. Money can’t measure our loyalties, continuous support and unconditional love to Jang Keun Suk. We know that our relationship is just the best!!! We don’t have to compare this to other artist’s fans. Every fan has their own way to support their beloved artist. For us, JKS is always the best no matter what 🙂

  9. In light of the Sewol Ferry Disaster and all the repercussions that has had on the Entertainment industry in South Korea especially… the idea of a “voting fee” seems a bit preposterous! Unless there was a way such “fees” were going to be donated to Ferry victims or something similar I would feel that these awards are really nothing more than a scam.

  10. I totally agree with the decision.

    Award giving bodies have made these awards a money-making business. Just give the money to charity works of JKS –

    Let us not be robots in their money-making schemes. We have more brains than this and I believe that JKS does not condone this kind of thing.

  11. My heart pains to know that, out of the 25 actors nominated for the popularity award, Sukkie’s name is nowhere to be found. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    This is the only category that requires a voting fee. I can already predict who will win the award for most popular actor and actress…

    • Yes, I can predict too – that it will be PSH and LMH. PSH continually promotes Lee Min Ho whenever she gets the opportunity, so her fans votes for him too because she patronises him and whoever she patronises her fans agree. There are rumours that they are real-life couple so… JKS losses some of the “You’re Beautiful” fans.

      Nonetheless, JKS is “real” and “brilliant” and his eels – well we can continue to buy the products that he is promoting.

      He has the making of a good director – and no one can say that he is a bad actor. There will still be quality movies or dramas for him.

      Anyway, he has no one so we have to love him until such time that there is a woman who will truly accept and love him for who he is.

      • LOLL… I can’t get away from someone writing the Minshin is real couple…and I don’t even have to go read these two fanpage. Omoyahhh…. I wish the Minshin can just get marry really really soon, so nobody can ship her with JKS anymore. I’m sorry to say this….. I have enough of people thinking that JKS is not good enough to be partner with their darling angel star.

        Jenny, don’t worry about JKS is losing YABfans or any fans. Fans come and go..that’s nature of ShowBiz. Any way, people always look up at the HOT products now…… the past..!!! I totally understand this concept. Honestly, I used to worry a lot about eels being “kabayaki” or have change of hearts by leaving JKS. Not anymore.!! For me, no matter he is HOT star or not, JKS will always be my STAR. If I am to be the only one last standing as his fan, so be it..!! I am proud to be JKS fan forever.

      • I wonder who will be the next co-star of Park Shin Hye, seems like she is always being rumored to be dating her co-star in her latest drama lol.

        You’re Beautiful is such a classic – I believe that once you’ve become a fan of a certain drama, you will always have that soft spot, fondness to the star that caught your fascination portraying a character in what have become your favourite drama. Jang Keun Suk will always be remembered as Hwang Taekyung in YB, he is the heart & soul of that drama.

        @Vivi Jang Keun Suk have won already twice the Baeksang Popularity Award (2010 & 2012) & its okay to let others have it this time, especially with this voting fee attached to it. It’s not the first time that cri-j has boycotted baeksang, i think last year the same thing happened. And even if JKS has another breakthrough production in the future that is really really worth fighting for, as long as there is money attached to that award, expect Cri-J not to fight for it for our star.

    • Vivi, of course his name isn’t in the list1
      They must have the agreement of a star to put his/her name in a voting list requiring a payment.
      That means that the others are agree! HOW SAD!

  12. I wonder if the Korean showbiz is really managed by the specilistes in the field or through wholesalers, I feel we are in a flea market where there is no respect for the intelligence of spectators or even the artists 🙁

    • malice…sad as it is…K biz is not your usual showbiz…where you can just jump around and become a big star overnight…most of the artists are use as commodity …whether they have distinct talents or not…the companies do shoutings and they will paid and train you and makes you debute to earn back the money..
      There are of course artists with innate talents but still they have not much to say when they are under contract of big companies..
      Few are able to just pick up their guitar and hum away…and voila we have a song…freedom (so to speak)
      JKS is very different from that; he’s been there done that..and believe he knows what he hates….that’s why he’s considered a “bad boy” because he does not follow those rules.. instead he calls for free mind and spirits in expression of talents..
      Needless to say the Big companies all want to hold on to their monopoly (and have “wars” between them)…every year you get to see who are the big earners in K bizz…and the top is always..always the CEO’s of the big companies..
      JKS as artist with his small company and his many innate talents and so many fans are but very annoying fleas which keep them itching…LOL …A big pain in the *ss ; P

  13. I hope there is a good drama for Sukkie to pick & play in this year. He needs a good one that would get good ratings before he disappears for 2 years doing his military service. If he could squeeze in a movie as well that would be even better 🙂 ( I m being selfish here 🙂 ) We are going to miss him 🙁

  14. Yes! I agree for this, what is the used of winning an award if you paid for it.
    We all know that JKS is the best… not only acting, he got a lot of talents. That’s why I admire and love this man.. Not only his outside look but his inner self. Love you My Prince! You’re my one and only idol!!!

  15. JKS is not in the list for Baeksang 2014 popularity. The boycott is irrelevant. Don’t be discouraged eels.

    We will continue to support JKS – buy from collecte de zikzin. I want to buy the ring, but they don’t sell on-line.

    (off topic but I know that this story will encourage JKS if he reads this – there is a Filipino actor named Marvin Agustin who was then very popular, then he had a slump in his popularity. I thought that he just faded in memory, but guess what, during his down years he studied international culinary arts and now he is building his restaurant empire. 54 restaurants – 48 Japanese, Spanish, Filipino. Acting has become his stress-reliever. the restaurant business is his main source of income and he is much richer now than when he was a popular actor. he is now the most successful businessman from entertainment industry. All things work together for good.)

    • @roselyn or jenny

      You don’t have to worry. I believe eels never have to feel discouraged when it comes to Jang Keun Suk, we are already grateful enough for all the hardwork that Jang Keun Suk did for the past years. In fact sometimes eels are the one complaining having a hard time catching up with him lol. I’ve never known a hallyu star who worked doubly hard for his fans, remember he is not just an actor but he is also a singer who has released albums & performed concerts. To sometimes take things easy & slowly is normal for any celebrity, they needed that. Here is what Jang Keun Suk said from his recent interview:

      “if we are far from the limelight for 10 years, people will think we’ve faded away. But in our case, we’ve grown up a lot in 10 years and we worked together as leading actors.” ( referring to Lee Jang Woo) – This is why he is described as a TIMELESS actor, he will always be there trust me! He was in the past, he is in the present & will be there in the future.

      Sukkie has been blessed so much – fame, wealth, talents, good looks, love of his family, friends & eels. He has accomplished a lot already at a very young age, while others are just starting at his age now… & on top of that he earned a degree. I’m really proud of him, & have never been once dissapointed by him. I think we are the one who needs encouragement more than him lol.

      • *I’ve never known a hallyu star who worked doubly hard for his fans except Jang Keun Suk

  16. you’re right,mamacri…you said it quite beautifully…our jang is like a tiny but persistent flea who won’t go away but will continue to make his presence felt…and we eels will support him in whatever he decides to do…

  17. to roselyn, are you from the philippines? i didn’t know marvin agustin has that many restaurants now…good for him! in a way, marvin is like jang…when the korean entertainment companies made it hard for him, jang put up his own company…when korea did not accept him with wide open arms, jang went to japan..and the rest is history


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