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  1. Thank you so much! It´s much better with english subs. 🙂

    I like Sukkies cute answer on a odd question at 3:50. So charming.♥

    He says that he is curious how eels think about his new style. I wonder if that maybe was the theme of Zikzin Open Radio i Beijing. Does anybody know what was the theme?

  2. Thanks to the team who managed to make this wonderful surprise!
    Maybe I was more emotional but watching this interview I simply cried. Why? For the first time I see our boy so nervous. He was full of emotions and was surprised several times how he rub his hands. My son do so before a tough exam.
    To our Keun Suk this interview was an exam which he successfully passed. That is my opinion!
    He behaved perfectly. The outfit was sober, elegant, simple and decent. I noticed the absence of any accessory, which must have been noticed by those who have filmed and shown many times his hands. Some fine and neat hands…
    He spoke very reserved and decent but his charisma works in any situation to overcome the lack of his jokes and his laughter contagious.
    In short, I am a proud eel!
    Congratulations Mr. Jang, you did great!

  3. Sukkie is soooooo diplomatic :-). When asked “…..you must really like coffee…” He answered “….there are a lot of items to chose from the menu…” Ha..ha…ha… good job, Sukkie :-). Now we have to add “diplomatic” to his long list of attributes :-). He gave very good & wise answers to the questions! We are so very proud of you, Sukkie! You did an excellent job answering the questions. A bit on the reserve side, but I guess that’s part of the new JKS image :-). and YES, I for one looooove your new style! Clean cut, sophisticated, charismatic, manly, mature….and diplomatic :-). Stunning!

    . Zikzin, World Prince!!!

  4. Thanks a lot for the translation. JKS your new look is spectacular. Less is more! Now we can focus on you, on your natural attributes. Just like the glass case you want to be.
    Congrats, it was amazing, well done. Congrats, it was amazing. I want my own sons to be like you. Zikzin.

  5. Yes it’s true his style is more sober and appropriate, but is this really what he wants? I’m really sorry for my dear jang keun suk, the brightness and happiness of his eyes has disappeared; i feel like that something has broken deep within him, many says that he has matured, but for me I think he got tired of fighting against everyone critics. I’m sure That the deception due to his latest drama is the cause. I fail to understand why these own compatriots treat him that way, they are so much worse extravagants in Korean showbiz but nobody talk about them. Unfortunately people are always afraid of the exceptional. And jks is exceptional ! Zikzin !
    So sorry for my bad English 🙁

    • Hi malice, do you know the recent tragedy happened in South Korea? It was really hard for artists to attend scheduled events under such a situation. That’s why this him at interview looked different. I hope you’ll understand his inner feelings.

      • You really made me worry with your comments, and made me rewatch the video severel times.

        He looks a little bit uncomfortable in the begyning of the interview, but isn´t that just normal. I think too that the reason is the current situation in his homeland. He couldn´t syng on the FM, and couldn´t dance on the Great Wall. And he couldn´t even explain the reason becouse he represents Caffe Bene, and everything should be very positive and about Caffe Bene. I actually think that he performed well under these circumstances.

        I don´t think that he is changed becouse of Bel Ami or critics. Sukkie keeps Zikzin like always. It’s just a part of his personality, i think. 🙂

    • malice.. don’t worry about Suk as it is nothing to do with critics.. I have seen many of his interviews like that in the past especially done in China in 2011 and 2012.. as the reporter is asking the questions in Mandarin (Chinese), he will wait for the translator to tell him in Korean for him to answer…. Many of us who understand Chinese can sense the reporters is reading from scripts and quite boring.. this is not the usual interview done with audience & entertainment. I can show you a few other videos of such interviews done in China in the past with similar nature but once the interview was over, Suk is back with his usual playful & smiling nature…

      • let me attached some interviews in China in the past.. partly because all interviews are scripted and also in China, the communication requires translator…unlike his interview done in Korea or Japan or other parts of Asia which he can communicate directly with the press or reporters in Korean/Japanese/English directly w/o translators http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwxpIxXESuY

    • Dear Malice,

      Your concern is legitimate, that’s why my heart goes out to our Sukkie while reading his Marie Claire interview. But in life, we all go through growing pains and that makes us stronger. Beside, as Tenshi said, there this national tragedy that affects all Koreans so sober & moderation is the right tone at the moment. Don’t worry too much. The real Sukkie is always there & will not go away. He is smart, strong, & pretty wise for his age. You will see the brightness in his eyes again. Zikzin!

    • Its not rare to see him like that.i think the interview is quite boring and pretty serious too.soo..suk will answer according to question and the atmosphere.anyway..there are no good question too which I found its not challenging for him to answer.im sure he’s not in pressure or anything..its just he dont get a good question.that’s why..btw..his answers are always good and wise.please dont assume he has change his character cos suk wont be jks if he’ s not act like himself.

      • thank you to everyone for enlightening me on details that I did not pay attention during the interview. I did not want to assume anything wrong or bad, but it was only after reading Marie Claire and several articles about PM I became worried for him. And you must understand me I’m new eel, and it was just an observation I made .

  6. thank you to the amazing translation and timing of our ECI family. so cute watching our prince serious and timid ^^ I hope he wasn’t too uncomfortable.
    Chinese eels, pls continue to support Caffe Bene and get Sukkie as endorser forever! kkk! zikzin!

  7. Sorry, Can i know why my comment was deleted ! is it an inappropriate one ? Or that we can’t tell what we think .
    I am a new eel , but i have read all about your blog Since 2011 ! i’m very very very sad, i was very motivate to participate but now !!!!!
    I respect your decision Nonetheless, it is your own website!

    • Hi malice, first of all, we didn’t delete your comment. It was just pending maybe because it was your first time leaving your comment? And about your worry, do you know the recent tragedy happened in South Korea? It was really hard for artists to attend scheduled events under such a situation. I hope you’ll understand his inner feelings.

      • Thank you very much and I’m sorry if I anticipate my judgment : (
        In fact, it is thanks to your archives and your comments if I became an eel 😉 I have read everything.

  8. Thanks for translating and sharing this interview..
    Sukkie was serious and more guarded but that is not strange given the circumstance of the tragedy his land is in..He was not in the position to make this into a “feast” as not to give others any reason to feel uncomfortable, this was a press conference and he is a representative not only for CB but also for his country.

    Besides this press conference was all scripted and he had to wait for the translation…as a representative of CB he must answer the questions in a certain way (professional and promotional) no room for “conversation” and it must not become to personal.
    He tried to listen attentively to the chinese convo (as he tries to learn the language)but if you look at his eyes you see that he looks attentively into the room and his eyes lights up now and then when he recognizes some of the press ..he gives them a sign of recognition..

  9. like malice, i also feel this interview is ‘unnatural’ for our prince…he seldom smiled and he looked ill at ease. i hope he will really start to learn chinese so he can respond spontaneously to questions in chinese, just like he does in japanese…

    maybe part of his nervousness also stems from the fact that it’s been a long time since he visited china and was unsure of how he would be received, given the advance news that bel ami had very low ratings…i do hope the drama will do well in japan and he would be vindicated…they should promote it differently from how it was promoted in korea…that he was a seducer of 10 women,giving a negative impression..they should promote it as the journey to self discovery of a “pretty man on the outside” to transform into a “pretty man on the inside”. for those of us who watched, understood and appreciated bel ami, it showed the transformation of person who at first was trying to live off his looks, but as he encountered different women and learned from each of them, he developed into a truly beatiful person with true values and a great heart..

    • That’s exactly what I think, Tam. I hope they promote Bel Ami better in JP & China. I think people who gave low ratings for this drama were those who watched only the 1st few episodes. If they bothered watching the whole series, they would have a deeper understanding of BA & appreciated it more.

      • You cannot expect much of JKS since the interview is so monotonous and has no challenging questions. But he still manages to inject his diplomacy and patience in answering the questions. Seeing a glimpse of his more serious mature side is a delight because he still exudes charm, confidence and his handsome face and smile (not laughter) says it all. He is adapting himself to the trajedy in Korea. It is such a shame Koreans do not support him that much such as in “Bel Ami”. I honestly believe he played the role perfectly. You should watch the whole series to appreciate how JKS attacked such a difficult role when in reality he is so different from Dokgo Ma Tae.

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