[article] Translation of Interview with Jang Keun Suk from Marie Claire April 2014 Issue

Credit: Marie Claire
English translation: Tenshi Akuma, Wen Lee, Springsuk_USA all from ECI
Korean to Chinese translation refer to HK Nation
Poster design: Saad Otabi from ECI

In case you have trouble to read from poster, I have put the text translation at the bottom of this post. Enjoy reading.


Translation in text:
JKS: I want to work as an actor until the day I die.
This is his direct answer. Jang Keu Suk uses his articulate tone to dismantling his acting methodology. Between his talks, there are some little pauses. In the end, we recognized again that Jang Keun Suk is a natural-born actor.
Many people say he is not like a normal actor. Here to be clear is he is not a ‘wrong’ but a ‘different’ actor. He doesn’t want to be a mystic. On the contrary he utilizes social media like SNS to express his sense of presence. Same as his overseas concerts, he doesn’t use bodyguards to hide himself; he doesn’t just stay in the hotel except his official scheduled day. This is one of episodes while he was staying in Japan for concerts. He tweeted: “7:00pm, tennis meeting. If you come, you will see me.” Soon there were many fans coming to the site. He didn’t show up in a special tennis outfit or neat hairdo. He always projects the real him into fans’ eyes. He does not keep enough distance from fans to make him a star. If he is happy, he won’t hide the feeling. If he is touched, he won’t hesitate to take action. This is Jang Keun Suk.
JKS: Very often, my managers and the agent company complain about me. I understand their feeling. Artist is like merchandise in a sense, so probably they would like me to show the perfect state to the public. But, do you think no defect on the surface really means perfect? I wish I was a glass box that people can see inside. If we understand each other better, there will be fewer cases from expectation to disappointment. Even the chance is very rare, but at least I’m feeling like my fans and I are looking into each other like look through glass box to understand each other.
How many different points he has compared from other artists? Do you think it’s reasonable enough to understand his inner feeling, judging only by his remarks like he doesn’t care for what others say at all? How can he not be hurt? How can he not be concerned? Nevertheless, Jang Keun Suk reacts to what he has done so far in a calm manner, which helps him to improve.
When it comes to choose dramas, it is the same. If you check his filmography, there is a clear line drawn between before and after ‘You’re Beautiful’. Before YAB, he didn’t have any prejudice against genres. He played in a low budget movie, a trendy drama, and also a fusion historical drama. Just like the movie ‘WALL E’, it was hard to distinguish which one was real JKS. For actors of the same age, JKS was a good model. However, it came into question after YAB that led JKS to be ‘Keun-chan’. Surely there was a bit difference from each drama he played around that time, but the inspiration that impressed the audience was more of similar kinds. We don’t know if Keun-chan effected JKS’ choice on his acting works. But JKS is not an actor who doesn’t have the guts to choose challenging works.
JKS: Sometimes I ask myself, “Didn’t I have confidence to give up ‘golden goose’ at that time? Did I fall into playing flower boy characters?” However, after I asked myself over and over, the answer was always NO. To see the result from TV ratings that talks in this world, my recent works didn’t get great scores. Didn’t I change my direction just because I didn’t get a good review as earlier ones? As an actor, choosing a drama in which I play the role is the biggest responsibility. Until now I’ve never avoided taking the responsibilities. In conclusion, I won’t regret my choices as long as I choose it by myself. I think everything has its best time. That’s why I just chose the work that suits my age, 27 years old. I don’t think I can play flower boy when I’m in my mid-30s or 40s. It is something like that. For me, it was my criteria for choosing the drama that I think I can put my soul in my 20s fully.
In recent years, Jang Keun Suk is like a real flower boy. How many actors in their 20s can be comfortable playing a role of guitarist with long hair? He said he would keep acting till the day he dies. For him, I think dramas in which he played flower boys would come to his mind as the best moment that he wants to return among all his filmography.
When a project is done, an actor’s heart would be like ember. When he finished ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ shooting, his heart was like that too. That’s why he looks calm as if he switched all off. Today at shooting site Jang Keun Suk didn’t show me anything. Except his pupils were moving like they could talk, there was no any acting modification. Thanks to that, we succeeded to shoot his more highly- sensitive photos than we expected to. But honestly, we are really not used to see his calmness.
JKS: I’m in a resting state. I’m taking a rest for a while. What matters is what kinds of views I have. That’s why we need to pause for a while. Right now I don’t want to run.
Jang Keun Suk who is full of energy all the time and whose emotional climax reaches to the high point is common for us. But this gentle and quiet person is also another side of himself. He always expresses himself openly. In fact, he looks full of confidence. He doesn’t hesitate to keep going forward (ZIKZIN) and knows how to speak out. At the same time, he also knows how to stay behind someone to give support, without showing himself. This is Actor Jang Keun Suk in deed. It could be our wrong assumption that we’ve thought of Jang Keun Suk. I don’t think we couldn’t believe the truth. We just tried not to believe it. I don’t think we didn’t know such Jang Keun Suk. We just didn’t want to see or know such him.
I don’t know since when, but people have come to enjoy ‘the slow life’. The era that ‘fast speed’ represented Korea was over. Recently Koreans prefer to live ‘slowly, gradually and carefully’ and they eventually hope to live in such a life. We can say the same for broadcast procedures. It’s been so long since we haven’t seen stimulating materials on TV. Nowadays TV seems to attract viewers’ attention by showing a person’s failure, putting him in front of the camera defenselessly. That’s why Jang Keun Suk who always moves very fast on everything has stopped recording his life for a while. He is now spending time reflecting on himself, not worrying about which direction to go.
JKS: How can we fly here and there without a stop? There are also times that I feel down and lethargic. I don’t have any secrets how to lift my spirit easily. I just have a thought that ‘time will pass away’. I’m trying to be optimistic and take action simply. Keeping an empty head and taking a rest repeatedly brought me more space to a certain extent.
A series of repetitions: recognition, acceptance and satisfaction. It’s true that not everything will do well in order like we organize them beforehand in our heart.
At present, he has good scripts, holds concerts every year and also has fortnightly Audio Podcast program ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ where people can hear his voice. He has two CF filming this week alone. As his SNS seems almost closed, his fans are worried about him. Under these circumstances around him, he can’t keep quiet even for a short time.
JKS: As I promised to my fans doing ZIKZIN Radio, I can’t stop it. Because of copyrights, I can’t sing even my song for them on the radio. But I believe we can build a bond to some extent through reading messages from fans all over the world. Sometimes, I feel that ZIKZIN Radio might be more useful to share my feelings with fans and give inspiration to them rather than meeting them in person. I find it’s interesting.
The more he tries, the more he feels excited and enjoys himself. Even so, he needs to pause for a breath on the way. Jang Keun Suk is that kind of man. His hand picking up his iced coffee moved smoothly and slowly like a snail. The words he needs now is not harsh ones like a drill or sweet ones like a candy. Just giving him some time and waiting for his breakthrough would be enough to show our support to him.
Over the last few years, Jang Keun Suk has rushed through life at the speed of light. 20 years of experience has reached an unbearable state. It’s not easy for him who had lived his life as an actor only for a long time, but recently started to live as a singer too, releasing his own albums. He would have felt burdened with a feeling of pressure. He needs time. Apart from waiting for him until he is ready to restart running, saying “ZIKZIN”, we can’t do anything special for him. Now is the time for a brake.
JKS: I want to live as an actor for as long as possible. In the end, the one that I have to focus on is my work of acting. I always have thought the same, but I can’t guarantee that all the works I choose will be safe and successful. In my idea, flawless artificial flowers are less of a reality. For me, I prefer real flowers with horns and decent amount of scars because they have vitality. I think they are more beautiful.
27 years old. It’s an age when everything will be a wonderful experience for us. Jang Keun Suk is always honest and straightforward in all sincerity. This is one of the reasons that we can’t turn our back on Actor Jang Keun Suk!

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  1. Love his insights in this interview. I have mixed emotions after reading it. I’m proud to be an eel and support a man like Jang Keun Suk who has a deep mind and big heart. I feel sad at the same time because I can feel the sadness behind his words. I hope the support from eels can help lighten the burden when he feels tired and lonely. I just want JKS to be happy.

    근석아.. 잘했어..사랑해~^^

  2. Thanks for posting. It’s ok to be tired after you run around “burning the candle at both ends” Glad to see he knows how to take care of himself and take a break.

  3. he’s the best one among all of the 20s Korean actors! always love the way he lives his life, he’s my role model.love you oppa~~

  4. What a beautiful suprise on a friday morning! Thank you very much for the translation.What would we do without you?

    I really like the article. The atmosphere in it matches the pictures. So calm, and peacefull.

    Sukkie is so wise and reflectiv. I like the way he thinks. The things he says about glass box, and flowers with torns and scars… How can we not love and support him?

    I can understand now why he has been relatively quiet after Bel Ami and Zepp Tour. I hope that you have got some rest, Sukkie. You have truly deserved it. And you will probably be in full action starting from tomorow.

  5. Indeed JKS is not only a gifted artist but a gentle, down-to-earth young guy worthy of all our love and admiration. Personally, i feel all his past projects just shows how versatile and talented he is as an artist. Who would best portray the boy flower image best than JKS.. From this interview it shows that he is bit sad, i think he is more cautious of negative feedbacks. JKS, just keep this in mind, there are millions of eels behind you no matter what happens. Now is a good time to recharge, keep healthy because your eels know there will be lots of good projects ahead for you which will prove them JKS YOU ARE WORLD PRINCE. keep in mind though that your eels all miss you immensely..

  6. It is only me or what, I am glad what he said in this article. I mean I’m not worried about him. He knows what he is doing. That’s why this time when he is silent (in the break) I don’t have any urge to want him to come out because I feel so much for him that he needs it badly. Who can run so fast so long, so ahead, is not real. He definitely would need to have time to recharge. On the contrary it was not show business pressure him but was his own fans, eels are very demanding on him. Well, that’s natural too, of course, eels would have expectation after expectation from him because we love to see him being in the focus, being in the light, in dramas, in shows……He cares eels so much and he always want to be connected with eels (in his own way, the natural way) that’s why he has so many ideas, Cri Show, Zikzin Festival, Team H, Zepp Tour, Zikzin Radio…… wow, just lists all these, he has done so much!!! And all these are from himself, from his brain and his team. It is so true like in the article said before and after YAB there is a different “JKS”. YAB gives him wings let him fly to a higher sky and he started his own “cri” journey. Again he never forget his root as an actor but he has his own taste for the script, own thinking. No mater you agree with him or not, that’s his choice and he will keep going with his heart not just because someone else wants him to. The amazing thing to me is that how much he wants to be “true” “real” to his fans. Most people in the show business they won’t want that transparent connection with fans because they don’t want to people to see the real themselves. They want to stay in the “star” halo be the “star” but him wants to be a person that you can have a real talk and have fun together. He is a guy we know he won’t choose an easy road for himself and you hear him says a lot “this what I want, this is JKS’.” So my role as a fan to him, my support to him now when he is quiet no any less than my support to him when he is right in front of me. “Let him be and cheer for him.” He going through “growing pain.” Hope he has love life of his own that would makes me him feel better.

    • sis sarah….thank you so much for sharing your insightful thoughts and comment with us. Reading your comment giving me lots of comfort, lifting up lots of my worries for JKS. As a fan, I miss him with he is MIA from spotlight and on other hand, I wish him to take break and needed REST before he run full swing again this coming Summer.

      Honestly, I never have or put my expectation on JKS, movies, dramas or songs..etc. I just simply love and support him in whatever he does. Sure enough, not all his projects had been BIG HIT. That’s OK, totally alright!! That’s the nature of the Show-biz. No one can stay on TOP forever!! No STARs can have BIG HIT dramas or movies forever, either. As long as my STAR is still acting, doing things that he loves and still able to make people happy with his projects, I am super satisfy with that.

      I have many long years ago declared myself I will be JKS fan forever. Still totally stand firm with my promise as of today. I am not a Jumper type of fan who would jump from one STAR to STAR, depending on who is HOT at the moment. I just can switch LOVE and admiration in a blind of an eye or in a mere days…because my feelings for JKS is sincere. So pretty much, I will stay with my STAR thru his UP and Down time.

      • LOLL…typoo…typing too fast…kkk Totally can not witch my love and admiration for JKS in few days….LOLL

  7. sukkie, always the smart one. I rarely see a celebrity like him – honest, down to earth, realistic, and his feet are firmly on the ground.

    that is why I like him a lot. what you see, is what you get.

  8. Thanks the translator team and Saad for the beautiful posters. I can’t really express myself after reading this… I love this person and I would always want to wish him all the best in life. Going through ups and downs, he has tried to show us the real person that he is… I hope he has enough time to enjoy his life :). Jang Keun Suk, zikzin!

  9. One of the smartest in Korean entertainment industry. He is a student of real life humanities. He is very perceptive. Serious yet has a sense of humour.

    I understand his “break time” – its good for him. we should continue to support him.

    “If you love him, let him go to places within himself where he cannot ask you and where you must never ask to go.” – in my own words.

  10. Sometimes words are not enough to describe what I feel for him. Sometimes is best just let things be. More than wanting or waiting something from him I feel the need to give him. Love, all my heart and honest thoughts, my trueself…always staying by his side…
    Maybe I’m not so good expressing my feelings, but there are some words I want to tell him, “Thank you. I love you, my sweet butterfly”.

  11. the very reason i came to care and love deeply for him is depth and transparency..an artist who doesn’t care about image and all but do his best to connect to all those who love him and love them back…i felt a bit guilty coz i want him to show himself whenever he’s being silent for too long…nonetheless i will support and will not leave him for as long as i can! thanks guys for the translation,you’re all awesome 🙂

  12. I am proud to be your eel Jang Keun Suk! One of a kind soul that I can never resist…;) You are irresistible Sukkie!

  13. we sometime forget the fact he also need some break for himself and he has been giving us so much and I have never seen such an artist who truly show hisself to us his fans as his family , friends and relatives .He is also a man like us .Honestly , I always want to see him active in all media he use for us .but I know I am too greedy and forget he is not Robot ..Yes, I also need to show my understanding that he also need his own time more and try to live without him even for once a day ..
    In addition.. I appreciate the way the interviewr express his though and to Sukkie to deny how people though towards him.
    Thank you The Translation Team, Thank you all for your non stop support to JKS and we all will ZIKZIN till the end with our price. I believe eels have amazing power and unity when it comes the artist name JANG KEUN SUK , our one and only PRINCE. ZiK ZIN prince. Jang Keum SUk

  14. This article was surely one of the hardest to translate. But still I like translating his interview.

    I can’t translate it technically because I’m still an English learner, but whenever I’m struggling with the translation and pondering the meaning of his words, I feel closer to him.

    He can speak in words of his own, so MCs or interviewers are not always needed. But with the help of an interviewer, it’s true that we’ll be able to know his another side, too. Especially this time, the interviewer was Kim Min Kyung, a freelance editor who brought Sukkie to this special issue and they’ve known each other for 10 years. That’s why he showed his weak but honest side in the interview openly.

    Even Sukkie doesn’t notice his true feeling until he was asked some questions. As he is such an honest and direct person, he’s trying to answer the question even it’s hard for him. That’s why his words always reach to my heart deeply.

  15. Eci team, thank you

    Tenshi, Sometimes I feel like you guys (eci team) have more than 24 hours in a day. You guys have worked and are still working day by day to let us know what is going on in Mr. Jang’s world. I couldnt say thank you better.

    In the midst of reading the translation, I thought oh the interviewer has done his homeworks abt Mr.Jang before he started the interview. After reading your comment, now I got it. 10 years is a quite a number. It looks like he understands Mr. Jang well and want to encourage people, as in native SK, to learn more beneath Mr. Jang’s outer appearance. Hope it goes well. I’m sure it will.

    • I believe korean know him the most because he had been in the industry for 20 years..but maybe they have prob with his image or his choice about his career. From many comments that I read..most of them became kabayaki because suk not choosing the path they want him to choose..and some have prob with his girly long hair style.why they have to decide what image for someone to wear and what project he has to choose..they just a fan..really..but still they had their right to stop being a fan cos no matter what its just about their choice.they may choose what they prefer.if they dont need suk anymore..just quit being his fan and dont ask him to change to fit your taste.

      For this interview..many thanks for translation..I always love to read korean interview because they really have a good question for him and their view about him is always in depth. His words always impress me..and I believe the interviewer too.

  16. to the ever-amazing Translation team, thank you so much for you hard work full of love and effort. Thank you dear Saad for the wonderful banner too!
    Sukkie’s words are always true and full of wisdom, one cannot help but admire him to pieces. But what I really took off from this interview is that somehow I recall the wish Big Brother had for Sukkie in one of his old vids- he acknowledged Sukkie’s good dreams and goals but he also wished for Sukkie to rest and slow down. i feel like i can hear his words again now and perhaps he would be happy reading this Interview of Sukkie who has chosen to stop running this time. I am happy too.
    My dear Sukkie, pls know that we love everything about you and that we will always understand and support you, whether we take things fast or slow. we are in this together for a long time, and we will watch all the drama and acting that you wish to share with us until we all grow old. We will be crystals shining bright and true for one another! Sukkie fightin’! zikzin! ^^

  17. fellow eels, thank you for all your comments.it’s so heartening to read all your wishes for our prince. like most of you,i start and end my day searching for updates of what he is doing or intends to do. he really is not an ordinary star who stands aloof or at a distance from his fans.he is not afraid to show his real self. we all love reading about him and from this interview i’m glad to know he has taken a break for now. i know he says ratings for his dramas do not really matter,but deep inside he must feel pain no matter what. he is showing a brave front for us eels. for me,however, i love his dramas despite all the low ratings..i really cannot understand why koreans just do not appreciate his dramas.his acting is superb in each one of them..his portrayal of each character is different.honestly, while watching love rain, i had to wake my daughter because i thought there was a cut when the scene suddenly showed the modern day jks..ha!ha! that’s how good his acting was..in bel ami, he showed great depth and versatility in his acting too…i wish he could read all our comments so his heart would be lightened…still i love how he perseveres and how he sticks to his own choices..at the end of the day, we know he is happy with his choices and that’s all that matters…our prince is such a unique and vibrant character..i still keep watching his interviews like sanma no manma, kwarzugarai, smap, tetsuko,etc..from them you see shades of the real jks and how he thinks…we will always be behind you, dear prince..just do what makes you happy..zikzin, fighting!

    • tam, I am one eel who have long given up on trying to make sense of how most Koreans think about JKS. The more I think about it, the more I don’t understand.

      Every time, when talking about Sukkie’s dramas TV rating in Korea, my chest is squeezing tightly with pain. Sukkie’s dramas were not doing well in Korea, because most Korean people don’t like Sukkie, who are not fond of his behavior much to begin with, who had already decided to be indifferent toward Sukkie, who already pre-judged him as an arrogant and self-centered person, so no matter what he will do and what drama he acts in, they would just ignore him.

      What pain me the most are….…..many eels are leaving Jang Keun Suk because his dramas are always low in rating; therefore, they think he is not a good actor, they think so low of him. Even worst, those EX-eels would go to one website to another websites bashing him. Yahhhh…. I do understand some people left Jang Keun Suk due to personal’s issues or may be, just simply they are tired of chasing him. That’s alright!!! That is the nature of life…..we keep on changing, and our feelings change too according to the circumstances..!!

      Me personally, TV rating means NOTHING to me. I watched drama because I like it. I didn’t even care if the rating is high or low. Honestly, all the dramas I watched in the past, I didn’t even know what the TV rating were.

  18. btw he looks so young,refreshed and at peace in the marie claire photoshoot..so handsome, with no cares in the world…hope he feels the same inside..enjoy your break, dear prince!

  19. Thanks Wen,Tenshi,Sarah for the translation and Saad for the poster,i like it,now i will understand the article when the magazine arrive to my house.JKS always do good and smart interviews.

  20. My Sugar Sukkie is an extraordinary ordinary man that I can never leave him. His words touched my heart. We all love to be ourselves. We have good days and bad days but we all have our loved ones. Sukkie has got a lot of unconditional love from his eels. The Korean fans who left do not love him unconditionally like us. Thanks a lot Tenshi. It seems you can spend all your free time keeping this website up to date and share the news about our Prince endlessly. If I could be any help pls let me know.

  21. Thanks to the team that made ​​this difficult but wonderful work ! Respect !
    After reading this interview I feel a great relief . We ‘ll explain the reason later .
    When I first saw Keun Suk I did not know anything about him. I saw him in Budapest Diary , liked him a lot and I was curious to know more about him.
    When I gave Jang Keun Suk search on Google I was surprised to see so many posts about a young man of 26 years. I thought he is just beginning his career and when I see that has already been back almost 20 years in the industry I decided to follow him.
    At this point I can say with hand on heart that I made a good choice !
    Of course, the more I learned about him , the more my curiosity turned into admiration and respect.
    I never imagined that at my age can I take life lessons from a young man who could be my child. In fact, my life has shown that young people can offer valuable lessons in many situations. They have the advantage of innocence and desire to know .
    In my opinion there are two important points in his career , YAB and BM . There are before and after YAB / before and after BM .
    YAB was a recognition test and BM was for him a test of maturity.
    A few days ago I read the translation from Seoul Fan Meeting ‘ PROPOSE’_20140208 and I was impressed by the thoughts expressed by him in front of fans .
    ” I’ve learned That in order to do what I want to do,I need to do what I have to do. ”
    He changed the look and attitude . He became a true man, decent and responsible and his charisma is like stronger …
    But for some time I noticed that he is tired and repeated that in many circumstances. I became very concerned about his physical condition and peace of mind.
    Therefore , now when he says he wants to take it slowly , I felt a great relief .
    Until now, his life was lived at maximum intensity and the road traveled was not easy .
    He was still a baby when he entered the complicated world of adults . His only recourse was to create his own style , an image of child arrogant , careless , under which the state is always a sensitive soul and a warm heart .
    He was always in a constant search with constant desire to learn as much work to perfect . His faith was and is that through knowledge and training to becomes stronger .
    He is strong, he is talented and hard worker , he is impressive, he is a great character , he is sensitive , he is a good man at heart , he is a good friend, he is a good fellow , he is a good son, he is a decent man , he loves and appreciates his fans , he respects the work of others , he is a pioneer , he is a benefactor , he is a good actor, he is a good singer , he is …. ..
    It’s the wrong idea that does not care about rankings . He cares and suffering ….
    He wants to be himself and show to people the real JKS.
    You saw what he said: “No fault surface really mean perfect?​​”
    But some people, in their imperfection, they do not want true people, they want some idols perfect on the outside, some mannequins, no matterof what is inside their soul and their mind.
    Those fans who boast that they are true fans and turn their backs when he has more need of them, they are not fans, they’re simple opportunists admirers who do not know what it means to work hard to fulfill your dream.
    We know how much effort and sacrifice stand behind our Prince, and therefore we will not leave and we will support whatever the situation.
    If he feels the need to take a break, to make order in his thoughts and in his life, I would be very happy he put into practice this plan.
    I am here and my thoughts will always be best directed to him. I trust in his choices and I would love to always choose real flowers, even with scars, because they are still full of vitality, for he is always full of vitality.
    He has his arms and his soul wide open to us! Indeed, how can you turn your back to such a person? God give us mind and strength to fully understand and support him!
    God protect him!

  22. Tenshi & team, thank you so much for translating this (long) article for us non-Koreans! You did an excellent job! Translating is time-consuming & not an easy task. I truly appreciate your effort.

    Reading everyone’s insight & reflections above makes me learn about and appreciate JKS even more. Thank you all for sharing them. Your love for Sukkie touches me.

    This article is very good and positive. It feels like a cozy heart to heart conversation among friends & hopefully it will make readers understand him better. I like this interviewer & his style. In Sukkie’s answers though, I feel weariness, which is so un-JKS and my heart goes out to him. 20 years in the entertainment industry is a long time. And it has been a marathon for him these past 4-5 yrs, having both a drama & album release/concert every year. While most of his peers are followers, he has been a leader of the band orchestrating everything. Being a leader is always more exhausting than being just a follower. He has been working so hard & his performances have been outstanding, but he seems to get little recognition in his country. It is understanding why he is exhausted & need a temporary respite.

    Rest & recharge, Sukkie! You deserve it. We believe in you. You are a Phoenix & will come out even better & stronger! ZIKZIN!

    • “This is Actor Jang Keun Suk in deed. It could be our wrong assumption that we’ve thought of Jang Keun Suk. I don’t think we couldn’t believe the truth. We just tried not to believe it. I don’t think we didn’t know such Jang Keun Suk. We just didn’t want to see or know such him”….this is what the author said..

      It took me a while to read and re-read this article..A very nice and decent write-up of the author..

      Yes..I’m sure for many and especially his own countrymen it was and still is difficult to accept there is such a man like him that excists.. So unprecedented in looks and talents, free mind and spirits…an angel at heart and very open and welcoming toward others. They are not equiped/not ready to deal with such a man; an anarchist in their eyes…(sadly but true when we see how as nation they handle the Sowol incident…)
      Because this man doesn’t fit in the preconceived processes/concepts they attack him, mock, bash and degrade him, left him fighting for himself..and yet he never lowered himself to their standards…he is such a man…a real strong and admirable young man.
      But even strong men have to rest..He really found some peace of mind by living the ways of Budhism,….”Things you can only see when you take a pause”…He came to accept he has to take a rest to see were he’s at, accept or let go of things….heal spiritual wounds
      and we eels want him to rest…..to pause to heal himself, his battered spirits whenever he feels the need
      We see his spiritual progress even through his work..like portrayed in his Cri shows, and his songs…His glassbox is becoming more and more transparant and shines like a multifacetted diamond.

      I’m not so worried about him now since I see he came to that conclusion himself…he must stop and rest..and he really takes his time…
      He inspires me to look at myself and revalued my life for the pass 50 yrs and I’m thankful for that..it really makes me a stronger and happier person…I contemplated, started to see the bigger picture of my life and understand the people and situations better which enables me to let go of a lot of burdens that were slowing me down and made me weary.

      In a cut thoat business were being mystical and deceiving and gains more than being transparent and following is easier it’s always tricky not to lose one genuine self in the process…
      It’s not easy to be on top of everything all the time..running.. way ahead; following ones dream…leading and being responsible for the whole crew…and must be really exhausted by now
      I’m happy when I see him smile for I know he is happy than..
      He said when I’m happy or sad you will see…I don’t fake smiles……and he is true to his words…I love him for that..ZIKZIN my prince; I saw your soul through your eyes <3

  23. I love him, especially his kind of drama fusion of singing nd acting. Well done dear u r doing well,keep it up rest well nd God bless U

  24. I am falling in love again and again with JKS. He seems not like 27 years old. He is wiser and I am happy seeing him successful. Yesss… please keep doing your Zikzin radio, enjoy your time JKS!

  25. U will always be de best among de rest jgs nd enjoy ur rest nd pls do come back soon on acting i miss seeing u smile jgs


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