[News] 2014 LOTTE DUTY FREE JANG KEUN SUK The Memories

Credits: http://www.jtbbwt.com/section/daihachi/jang-keunsuk1405/
Lotte Duty Free announced they would have “2014 LOTTE DUTY FREE JANG KEUN SUK The Memories” in Seoul, South Korea for Japanese travelers (or those who are living in Japan) on May 17th. During the FM, Sukkie will sing several songs. He and eels will play a game together. Lucky eels will get his favorite items by drawing. And, JKS will realize a wish of eels chosen by drawing. I hope we can see a lot of pics shared after the FM.

8 thoughts on “[News] 2014 LOTTE DUTY FREE JANG KEUN SUK The Memories”

  1. It will be memorable for lucky eels who will be there, I´m sure. Team H´s Asias tour starts in May too. It´s look like Sukkie will be very busy in May.

    There is plenty to look forward.. the new album, new videos, pictures… Just thinking about that make me happy. I imagine Japanese eels must pretty excited.

    • Yes, me too, eagerly looking forward to the Lotte Duty Free FM, Bel Ami FM and his Asia Tour. I heard that Sukkie’s going to have a CaffeBene FM in Beijing this month^^

      Btw, do you know of any fan pages where eels had posted fan accounts of the Feb 8th Seoul FM? I really want to know what he shared with eels at the FM, especially his thoughts, special message, future plans, military service…

      • Tenshi was on the FM on the Feb 8th, wasn´t you, Tenshi? I have liked your fan accounts from Zepp Tour, and hoped that you would write about FM i Seoul too. Are you going to do that at some point? I still hope that you will do that. 🙂

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