[2014-04-01] CRI-J staff twitter

UPDATE: added funny exchanges between JKS and eels on CRI-JJ

[Event] Now~‼︎ April Fool’s event is in progress at Jang Keun Suk official fan cafe!!! We would like as many eels as possible to join the event~!!!!! http://cafe.naver.com/crij
[이벤트] 지금~!! 장근석공식팬카페에서 만우절 이벤트 진행중입니다!!! 장어님들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다~!!!!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: This year CRI-J (Jang Keun Suk fan cafe) has become a one-day Kim Jaejoong fan cafe (CRI-JJ)! Kim Jaejoong’s real fan cafe accepted this idea willingly, posting a lot of positive comments.
To Celebrate “April Fools’ Day”, Jang Geun Suk’s Fan Club “Cri J” is changing their banner to support Kim Jaejoong “Cri JJ” xDD
Please check their fan cafe ^^

P.S. Last year (April 1st, 2013) they did it as Big Brother fan cafe.
Big Brother’s official fan cafe has opened “on this April Fool’s Day for one day”!! Please celebrate the 1st launch of CRI-BB executives ~^o^ http://cafe.naver.com/crij
빅브라더님의 공식팬카페가 “만우절인 오늘 하루동안” 오픈되었습니다!! 저희 크리BB 1기 임원들의 출범을 축하해주세요~^o^ http://cafe.naver.com/crij

tenshi_akuma’s note: Below are some funny exchanges posted on CRI-JJ fan cafe on that day. Thanks for sharing, Hazy!

JKS: I say, are you hoping to become grilled eels (kabayaki)? Even you changed your profile pic (to Jaejoong); maybe I need to pull your head off, peel your skin and remove innards (eels) add some BBQ sauce and put on fire to grill~~ so…. have u think through properly???

Some replies in CRI-JJ after JKS posted his replies– one of which, posted by the vice president of CRI-J says “this member (JKS) ought to be removed from the club for being so violent”

10 thoughts on “[2014-04-01] CRI-J staff twitter”

    • no they wont and nobody’s fan will do that. Eels are one in a billion so dont get suprised.even though some of jj fans think bcoz of jks, jj’s reputation will be ruined but eels are proving them wrong.i dnt think they will ever forget this

  1. its gonna be fun. make it cri-jjj.@ least it is to prove that eels like jks are not selfish.i dnt think jks will be annoyed.also jks knows his well thats y he said his eels also love whoever he jks loves.

  2. Dear kind JKS’s eels on this website,

    Does anybody know if JKS’s Propose Fan Meet is available on DVD for sale anywhere ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • I don´t think that we can buy that DVD now. I would like to have it too. Korean Cri-j members could ordered it in February, but “overseas members” couldn´t do that. Japanese and Chinese eels could ordered Propose DVD on their official website too.

      I hope that we can buy it later at some point. You can preordre Zikzin live tour in Zepp – DVD on yesasia.com, if you want. It will be released in a few weeks.

      • Thank you so much for the info, Zoe. I hope it will be available later too. I love watching his interactions with others — in this case, JJ & eels. He makes it so much fun 🙂 JKS is a born entertainer! In the meantime, I will check out Yesasia.com as you suggested. Thank you again. god bless!

  3. Thank you sis Tenshi for adding the last part! The comment exchange between JKS and Cri-J was sooo funny! Kabayaki! Lol! And remove the member from the club!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ love their sense of humor!! Cool boss and cool fans! So proud to be an eel!^^


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