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  1. ohhhh…..he looks sooooo cute and adorable! I love this new look too! He seems to reinvent himself every year 🙂 I love his every look so far…long hair, mid-length hair, short hair…anything 🙂

    Dear JGSforever team, thank you so much for your super prompt update on JGS activities! I love your website and come here often to check on our dear JGS. Millions of thanks to everyone!

  2. I thought this was one of the pictures from Maria Claire at first. Don´t worry girls. He looks the same to me, maybe slightly thinner. But he have dark clothing now. That could be the reason.

    Super handsome as always. ♥ I am sure Japan will love Bel Ami.

    • JKS has been quiet on LINE lately. I have noticed that too. He will come back on LINE again. He has accounts on twitter, you tube, facebook, weibo… and so on. No wonder he doesn´t manage to update them all the time. 🙂

      Everything is probably just fine with your LINE account. 🙂

  3. Keun-chan-ah, I have the feeling you’re not quite well these days…please, take care of u first, and then keep doing a wonderful job everyday, ok?

    I am ok, the sorrows will pass away and no matter what, I have to keep my head up…but what should I do with this longing…for someone…when it comes, it’s so hard, the feelings are intense…o to ke? o to ke?

    Bel Ami,em… it’s a wonderful movie. At first glance, you would say it’s a movie like any other, but diving deep into it I found a special meaning: it’s about that simple and sincere love without any fancies, friendship, sacrifice and commitment. It’s about loiality and a desire to succeed by your own in business, in life and most of all AS A MAN, it’s about the way we see and live our lives with ourselves and those around us, it’s about the simplicity of life that brings us the most fulfilling joy, it’s about acceptance and forgiveness…It’s a movie that really makes you put a lot of questions, if you understand it. Not for everyone. You have to have some background behind you…But this is not the point. After all, everybody takes just what they like from it. But it would be wonderful if everyone can understand it, as our Sukkie wants. Lots of lessons to learn. After I saw it, I like to say that it was specially designed for me 🙂 I’m sure that japanese will like it too.

    • WOW! wonderful message indeed! we have the same thoughts as with your analysis with Bel Ami. i really like it a lot. of all JKS dramas, its the ONE that i cried a river of tears because i can relate with it, that is being abandoned by your own parent and even though you met after many years (as for my case it takes 20years) they still dont recognize you as his own daughter/son! but we have come to realized that there’s always a reason in everything that happens to our life and that is to be strong amidst of all the tragedies that happen along our journey in life and most of all to become a grown up beautiful man/woman. my most favorite JKS drama is LOVE RAIN. everything in this drama was superb! even though i watch it everyday during my break time at noon and also before i went to sleep i still manage to watch few episodes each night, it still seems watching it the first time. my feelings, my fluttered heart, my excitement still the same as if i have watch love rain the first time.

      • Yes, ade, no matter how your life was and no matter what it will be, I’m sure you’re a beautiful flower. We tend to say we are in control just to realize that things aren’t going as we want, no matter how hard you’re trying and no matter how hard you’re crying…That’s why I believe, too, that there is a reason, something higher above us that rule our lives…acceptance…I know you will understand…but, always keep your head up. It’s the only way not to give up. It’s like I am too proud to let me down… This will strengthen you and makes you even more beautiful…

        For me is Bel Ami. From all Sukkie’s movies this one, em, how to explain what I feel? Em, it really…it’s like my life there. Marry Me, Marry also touched my heart. I still remember:”Between love, trust and hope what’s the most important? and Mu Gyul answered: Loiality”

        Love Rain, I enjoyed so much the first episodes, the 70s. It was so romantic and full of emotions…I literally had the feeling of being in the story, but the modern part, doesn’t impressed me much. I don’t know why. I felt it was like something is missing out there…Maybe, it’s just me, who knows? But, I’m glad you enjoy it. Maybe, I will too, someday…

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