[STARCAST] Goes to Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN Radio recording site in Jeju Island

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Do you guys know Jang Keun Suk’s ‘ZIKZIN Radio’?

‘ZIKZIN Radio’ is a podcast radio broadcast that is created from the ideas from Jang Keun Suk and is held for the first time as a Korean actor. It already carries a meaning in the fact that it only happens based on the interaction with the listeners without any guests so it is content that is getting hot reactions from the fans around the world.

The actor Jang held ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ at a studio in Cheongdam-dong so far. This time, it is said that it moved to a different location and took place with a little more special concept. Should we also head to where they are?

The place that the actor Jang chose after leaving a frustrating studio is a camping zone in OO hotel located in Jeju Island. The actor Jang usually likes camping and these are the camping equipment that he chose himself one by one, how do they look? It gives a travel vibe, right^^ Since there were efforts from the staff members to find these equipment as they had to attend the camping fair, this recording started in a little more special way.
There was the actor Jang’s it item prepared just for today. It is a helicopter camera purchased at a cheap price by intensely searching for the lowest price on the internet. It was something prepared by the actor Jang ambitiously so that he can vividly and beautifully record the recording scenery of ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ that is taking place under the sky of Jeju Island, which has good air and lots of stars. Should we now open them? Because we know how it feels~
Our actor Jang is concentrating into making it. Since it is an expensive item, he tries to finish making it carefully and with lots of anticipation.
This is our helicopter camera that is ready to take off. Everyone was looking forward to its brilliant take off. The sad news was heard that our helicopter camera that took off with the cheers finished its short flying and bravely died… We will only report the sad news that the helicopter camera died as soon as it was opened without even getting to watch ‘ZIKZIN Radio’. There was also another episode that as soon as the actor Jang saw the helicopter camera that broke as it fell as soon as it started flying, he shouted ‘My money!’ and cried out.
After wiping the tears, he starts to prepare for the show again. The actor Jang is making Vin Chaud, which cannot be left out in camping. He is adding the red wine and various fruits such as apple, pear and orange and so on after cutting them himself. Since the weather was cool on this day, it showed off a perfect harmony with Vin Chaud that warms the body.
The actor Jang is carefully cutting the orange with an incredibly scary knife, he is right now the prince of cooking!^^
In foreign countries, Vin Chaud is frequently enjoyed to prevent flu. Since it is the recommended menu by the actor Jang, we recommend you guys to try it. But since the alcohol is in it, please wait for the next opportunity for those of you who are underage… ㅠ_ㅠ
The so-called climax of camping, the actor Jang is enjoying Vin Chaud. He is very satisfied^^
The topic of this ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ was ‘Travel’. As always, the talk show that makes everyone forget that the time is flowing was held based on the stories of the fans and the actor Jang’s sincere talks. In this 12th episode, it carried much deeper meaning as it was time in which it was possible to thoroughly find out the actor Jang’s episodes related to travel. At the site on this day, there was not only the interpreter who can speak Chinese, but also a Japanese staff member so it was possible to smoothly lead the communication between the fans and the actor Jang, who has fans worldwide.

To this, it was also possible to hear the episodes from the time when the actor Jang was a student to very recently without leaving anything out. With the actor Jang easily dealing with the immediate interaction with the fans through SNS, we think it is a part in which we get to look at his wild ability to take action and also his DJ skills once more.^^

Jang Keun Suk, how honest is he? You guys will get the answer when listening to ‘ZIKZIN Radio’. Everyone, go to podcast!
The special guest made a visit to this ‘ZIKZIN Radio’. It is the owner of a meat restaurant and his wife whom Jang Keun Suk got to know when he visited Jeju Island in the past. They became close as Jang Keun Suk frequently visits the restaurant after it completely satisfied his taste towards food. These two people became the fans of the actor Jang and frequently sent the specialty items of Jeju Island to an office located in Seoul. It is a special relationship created in Jeju Island^^
For that reason, the barbeque party that cannot be left out in camping is held with the meat that is full of freshness that the owner of the meat restaurant obtained himself! The owner even thought about the portion of the staff members and brought the meat that is more than enough and it is heard that everyone is shocked.
The meat that is slowly cooked on the grill. This is what we call the fun of camping^^
Wrapping up in a heartwarming way by all the staff members and the actor Jang eating the meat that is being provided^^

It is said that the actor Jang has new goals through this ‘ZIKZIN Radio’. The studio is also good but he shared his hopes that he wishes to interact with the fans with much more unique concept in many places. It might be possible to watch ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ that takes place overseas pretty soon.

Jang Keun Suk’s ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ can be listened through online and mobile application not only in Korea but also overseas, and it is said that the visible radio service that contains the subtitles is taking place in the official website in Japan.

‘ZIKZIN Radio’ in which it is possible to feel human Jang Keun Suk’s 100% went over 500,000 in total downloads after the opening of podcast and it is on fire as it won 1st place in the field of the arts in podcast in Japan and is doing well.

Just like this, he is currently acquiring listeners worldwide and is on a roll with his own title called ‘ZIKZIN’. We are also looking forward and excited about with what kind of sides he will surprise the fans the next time. The actor Jang style ‘ZIKZIN’, this would be the reason why the attention goes to his different kind of moves, right?^^

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tenshi_akuma’s note: This is FA of the meat restaurant owner’s wife. And the number of downloading ZIKZIN Radio was already more than 500,000 last November.

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    • Lol…even if he got it for free, I am sure the number of clients Sukkie brought them must be worth multiple fold…plus the friendschip as bonus!.. so lucky…my guess is that he will do Zikzin everyime when he is on the move..maybe just do a shoutout just like the tennisgame…..

  1. ” It might be possible to
    watch ‘ZIKZIN Radio’ that takes place
    overseas pretty soon.” It says “might be” and “pretty soon”. We’ll see where and when they gonna go, perhaps during 8 Asian cities tour.

  2. Thank you, Tenshi. You are amazing. I didn´t expect the translation so soon.

    It was a helicopter camera!! I thought it was just a toy.

    I didn´t know that Zikzin Radio had japanes subs. I really hope that english subs will come too.

    • Zoe, I didn’t translate this article. STAR NAVER sometimes do for oversea fans. I’ve been busy and haven’t had enough time to translate some… so I’m checking if they release it all the time 😉

      • I am so grateful to you and de other kind and hardworking eels on JKSforever for helping me understand JKS better. Keep up your good work! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Tenshi Akuma! Noted, that Zikzin Radio is uniquely conceptualize by JKS for his fans. So whoever will make a similar show will recognize who is the creator of this.

  4. “There was also another episode that as soon as the actor Jang saw the helicopter camera that broke as it fell as soon as it started flying, he shouted ‘My money!’ and cried out. After wiping the tears, he starts to prepare for the show again.”

    I was laughing at the statement and at the same time felt sad for him.. Poor kiddo it was an epic fail!!! hehe!

    He’s really a child inside but at the same time very manly, I’m amazed at how he cut the apple with his bare hands.. is it real and no camera trick?? 😀

    Sukkie never fail to amaze me.. Ottoke, i’m falling deeply for him.. Kyaa!

    • Yes, apples can be cut this way using brute strength. But you need to find the right apples to do so, some apples are too hard. Fuji apples are the best. ^.^

  5. I just love this news with lots of beautiful photos. With his extrovert out going personality, my Sugar is always happy with people around him. He is so adorable like a lovely good natured little boy that makes everyone around him and his FC that keep follow him from afar fall for him. I just simply love him.


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