18 thoughts on “[Video] Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN Radio (Jeju Island)”

  1. Oh, what a wonderful suprise! I´m so happy now. I have watched the video a few times, and I shell watch it again. 🙂

    He is so natural in front the camera. So cute and handsome. I would like to understand what he is saying. I hope that our bilingual, hardworking and kind eels will translate it soon as usual.

  2. ah. absence makes the heart grow fonder, its surprising it hasn’t burst! i just about squealed with delight when i saw this. thanks for the post 🙂

  3. thanks tenshi for sharing..i’m laughing like crazy without understanding when sukkie burst to laugh..Oh My he’s so handsome.

  4. Thanks for sharing here Tenshi..Finally get to see him while making ZIKZIN Radio..I just love to watch him getting busy..he is so natural and amazing..wish he shared all of the vids from ZIKZIN Radio all the time..Was laughing so hard..when h cut the pear with a pair of scissors..and the crew gave him knife and cuttingboard en he said that is not the point of camping..hahaha so inventive

      • hahahaha….my first time to see anyone cut an apple with bare hands….LOLL JKS is just so crazy creative person. Following him, you just have to expect the unexpected actions from him.

        Aiyaa…I can’t believe I miss this guy so much. He is sooooo quiet and low key nowadays. Must be really busy with Team H recording….hmmmm.

      • I’m laughing so much with his actions in the few mins of Zikzin radio making… really so cute & natural.. even when he got disturbed by the flies… remind me of the scene when he did that in a press conference in Taiwan when he was disturbed by flies or mosquitoes.. ONLY our Suk will be so natural in front of cameras ^_^

    • LOL It´s funny, Mamacri. I can see that now. I thought it was middle of nowhere on the Jeju. Did´t notice the windmills until you pointed it out. I focused only on Sukkie. 🙂

  5. Thanks Tenshi for the opportunity to see him so relaxed.
    My dear Keun Suk amaze me every time!
    I don’t understand word he say but I think I could stay forever watching him and listening to him. He has a wonderful voice, a lot of charisma and he is very expressive.
    On top of that, he knows about all and do everything with great pleasure.
    He’s very lively and he knows how to fully enjoy the every moment of his life.
    It’s enough to look at him and you feel love of life.

    • Yes, seeing JKS gives me that youthful energy!
      And the Zikzin attitude for my daily activities!
      Am glad to be his eels cos he motivates me.

  6. I think he mentions about the incident in the plane where all crew in panic but he dead sleeping.haha..love his expression.how I wish we could watch all his zikzin radio ep in visual not only sound.


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