8 thoughts on “[Video] FERRINO 2014 SS Making Film Master HD”

  1. Today is World Day of Happiness.
    Especially for our Keun Suk, I wish that every moment of his life to be a blissful moment.
    God help give him strength to find happiness in every sun rising.
    Much happiness to all!

  2. It´s so much better with music.

    It looks like Ferrino reads JKSforever. I wrote yesterday that they should put music on the video, and here it is. LOL

    I love the part when Sukkie dances with Yeung Deuk (at 2:40).

    • Here is the difference between a professional and an amateur. He is able to do a difficult job very seriously and with respect to what he does and to the team that works with him but, at the same time, he manages to be relaxed and friendly.
      Admiration and respect for Keun Suk.

  3. Thank you for this JKS is just amazing!!! He does his work professionally and at the same time knows how to have a good time! Makes it a relax environment for everyone!!! Zikzin!

  4. I can´t stop watching this video. Just love watching Sukkie working. I should definitely get a jobb as his assistant. 🙂


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