[2014-03-04] Tree-J twitter

[ZIKZIN Radio Updated] ZIKZIN Radio episode 10, ‘dieting’ was uploaded on iTunes Podcast.
[직진라디오 업데이트] 직진라디오 10부 다이어트 편이 업로드 되었습니다.

Actor Jang appeared at a premiere!!!
시사회장에 나타나신 장배우님!!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: JKS appeared at the premiere of ‘우아한 거짓말 (Elegant Lies)’. You can see the trailer from here.

6 thoughts on “[2014-03-04] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Hi dear Tenshi .thanks alot .going fast like light .you share all news very sooon .with the best wishes for you and yr group my dear♡♥

  2. This is wonderful news; it’s not often our Prince appears at these occasions..
    What is the link?
    Is it because this drama has a realistic social message and sadness; with BM he also depict some social issues..
    or is it because of the Director who is also a Hanyang graduate?..now also his collegue
    Or he just happens to love the movie?
    Now because of Sukkie I’m gonna watch this movie when available..

  3. It’s good to see him back on the ‘red carpet’, looking good :). The movie seems interesting, I might watch it as well. Let’s see if he’ll share his thought about the movie to us later ;p

  4. Daebak! A sad topic, suicide is always preventable. What a sad experience for a mother!
    Thanks for sharing this, sister!

  5. Sukkie has mentioned Team H in the begining of Zikzin Radio ep 10. He has also mentioned Tokyo, Nagoya and some other cities in Japan. Does anybody know what he was tolking about? Did he say when the new album will be released?

    Loving JKS and not knowing neither korean nor japanese is a hard life. LOL


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