[STARCAST- What should I wear this week?] What is a way to dress for freezing weather in early spring of my man?

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The spring, spring, spring that we have all been waiting for is here. You guys had a sore throat last week because of the tiny dust that came from China last week, right? It was a weather in which we were even afraid of opening the window. Fortunately, because of the wind that blew on Sunday, it is said that the level of tiny dust this week will fall to ‘average’.

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared, the first week of March is men fashion. We have prepared the suit that matches matriculation ceremony to warm look to prepare for the freezing weather in early spring.
Suggestion ① Military look&Long boots ㅣT.G.I.F! It is fiery Friday. It is the day in which we starts to naturally search for a club look. We recommend Jang Keun Suk’s military look. The long coat that has epaulet gives off the charisma just by wearing it. Metallic buttons and zipper details even add well-refined beauty.

The so-called hard tack pants matches perfectly with military style coat. It will become a way too obvious style when wearing sneakers to this. A fiery Friday better be special, right? Wear loose boots like Jang Keun Suk. It is worth giving a try for a fiery day, right?

10 thoughts on “[STARCAST- What should I wear this week?] What is a way to dress for freezing weather in early spring of my man?”

  1. It’s by far the most pleasant weather forecast I’ve seen so far.
    The way of combining weather forecast with a fashion presentation is well suited and ingenious.
    Now comes a key question: Who looks the best and is the coolest?
    And the only correct answer is: ours Keun Suk .
    Have a nice day and thanks for sharing!

    • hahaha…I follow you Adriana..who thinks of the weather when looking at our Sukkie…come rain come shine…he brightens our day with his Being esp dress to the nines

  2. Sugar Sukkie is always the leader of the fashion. I don’t think he has a stylist except when he is working in a film. He seems to have his mix and match style created by himself that is always so unique. Well, you need to be good looking like him to look nice or else it will be a disaster!!!

  3. I love his coat. Cool outfit.

    The photo was taken on the day he cut his hair. :`(

    I really like Sukkie for his personality, and he is more than handsome with short hair, but I´m still missing his long hair. Am I allowed to say that?

    • you’re definitely not alone as many of the eels love his long hair…including my mum… she said Suk is beautiful with the long hair and super handsome in short hair… as for me, long hair Suk since MMM drama reminds me of manga character I love since my childhood ^_^ of course, together with Suk’s personality.. I love Suk in any hairstyles..

  4. man in black hihi..black suit him very well. someday i wish he tries to put off the cap..just showing his current haircut.he looks manly and handsome with short hair. ..yeah miss his long hair, but i just want enjoying to see him with his current hairstyle..untill hishair long again. 🙂


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