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  1. O wow…I’m so in love with the first pic…black and white…gives me the feel of Humphrey Bogart; like a marble statue David…perfect silhouette, his eyes……# dreamy # faint

    • Thanks Mamacri to remind me of Humphrey Bogart. Actually, I think my Sugar Sukkie is a lot more handsome. But this serious and vain look makes him quite similar to Bogart. He makes me feel difficult to breathe. Probably this is why they call it the “breath taking look”, OMO.

  2. omo… too handsome… among all the ‘pretty’ faces there, my eyes are only glued to one… thanks for sharing this, sis tenshi <3

  3. I love everythings about my prince..i will always supporting him.Thanx a lot for sharing this..cant wait to see him on drama again..Love u so much prince.Fighting.

  4. Not being biased, but Sukkie really outshines everyone. Just his sideburns alone is to die for, accentuates his manliness. (swoon.., although I’ll still prefer him as a boy, forever my peter pan)
    Not every man can grow beautiful sideburns!

    • O yes my dear his sideburns…it’s also my thing…I love his sideburns
      I find his face so well balanced…nose not to big, not to pointy, his eyes are big and “bagless” and his lips shows how sensitive this man is
      Is it me? the longer I watch the second pic the more I find the others a bit “weird” or common looking…hmmmm should be my eyesight

      Sudie…of course Sukkie is more handsome no doubt..but I only ment the feel..In his time Bogart was the MAN…and “handsome” …an Icon..

  5. my doll has turned into a dramatic actor look! omo those lips and piercing eyes! pls buy all these Lotte magazines you can find!! hope they are sold here at home. thank for sharing! ^^

  6. Oh my heart!! JKS has just a romantic memorable face with dreaming eyes, manly sideburns and beautiful big forehead.

    Sorry, I don’t recognize any other men faces here except JKS. Geezzz…I’m so biased!!

    • except for it’s true I don’t recognize any of them…but I’m sure we are a just a tiny tiny, tiny bit biased LOL
      jussssst a little

      • Maybe just a little bit, mamacri. But who can blame us.

        The second pic… It shouldn´t be allowed to be so handsome. It´s not fair to other people. 🙂

    • Biased? I have to share with you the opinion of a person who has not seen him until these pictures.
      “Who is this guy? Too beautiful to be true! I think it is dangerous to watch him in the eye …!”
      You can imagine how proud I was ….
      Ladies, our boy has turned into a really wonderful man!
      Good day Mr.Jang!

      • Me too, I didn’t recognize any of those faces except Jang Keun Suk. I always like his face, the expression.touch my heart and I get some spirit when I see him smile. I’m older but I appreciate his effort to become a great entertainer thru his dramas, songs and models.Thank you for entertain us and the good spirit that you share to all, zikzin Mr Jang

      • hi, i’m newbie here, and yes Adriana… it was definitely 1000% dangerous to watch him in the eye…….<3 <3 JKS

      • Yes, dangerous, I would say too. But he has so much class, he radiates sophistication through his entire being…Reading your comment I remembered of a picture of my father when he was thirty. He was wearing a turtle neck with a jacket over and hair kept pretty muck like Sukkie. I was so surprised by the resemblance between the two. I don’t know why I have this feeling but they did resemble. And this is not the only photo who makes me feel like that. Maybe it only seems to me, who knows…

        “Who is this guy?” That’s how my journey begins. In the beginning of 2012, I had a tough time, and I don’t know how come that only Sukkie were all around me: a song, a movie, a picture…”What the hack?! Who is this guy?” always… almost suffocating me. I was nervous: “Leave me alone!” I used to say, and without knowing I felt down into this dream, in which I prefer to stay as long as I can. But even now I still wonder: “Who is this guy?” What I know is that my life has changed since then…

      • JKS dangerous eyes mean : once u look at, u will do nothing but languidly gazing him in no limit time, drolling, n live in daydream constantly…..hi hi hi <3

  7. hello, fellow eels! want to join you in your love for prince jang…was intrigued by sudie’s comment that looking at his face makes it difficult to breathe..and maybe that’s why they call it a breathtaking look…i had to look the word up and indeed, “breathtaking” means ” so remarkably awe-inspiring, as to take one’s breath away”…wow,you hit the nail right on the head, sudie!
    i enjoy enjoy reading all your comments…we all love our prince and admire him, not only for his outside appearance but also because he has a beautiful heart and an exciting personality…thank you all for loving him…

    • Dear Tam, thank you for your comment on the inspiring word ‘breathtaking look’ i really like it because it is true that you really can’t breathe looking at him. I have slready compiled a wordnet that is a net of all the words that we eels use to talk about Sugar Sukkie. I plan to make it like a presentation to share with you. Let’s wait until the university holiday. Now i am up to my neck grading the papers. I still find time to sneak in and join you all in this pool.

      • ZIKZIN Sudie with your work…don’t get distracted now or the student will regret our Sukkie hahaha…or not : p

  8. Dear Tenshi. Thanks for sharing.
    These pictures have given me a state of well.
    Too bad that my time zone is a disadvantage for me ……Eh!…..

  9. I agree with all of your comments my friends.. 😀 Prince Jang is indeed the most handsome of them all.. I can spend all day just looking at his face.. ^_^

  10. Thank you for these photos. I hope they sell this magazine in Ktown. I love Sukkie…he really knows how to present himself. So professional and always handsome!!! Zikzin!!!


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