[2014-02-27] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Travels or plans you want Jang Keun Suk to experience, your recommended destinations, travel destinations you really want Jang Keun Suk to go… Upload right now!!!!!!
장근석이 경험했으면 하는 여행이나 계획 혹은 추천여행지 혹은 장근석이 꼭 가봤으면 하는 여행지 업로드 롸잇나우!!!!!!

Tree-J: Please send it using hash tag ^^ #jks_zikzin_radio
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: 장근석이 경험했으면 하는 여행이나 계획 혹은 추천여행지 혹은 꼭 가봤으면 하는 여행지 업로드 롸잇나우!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/vPRcoGqKUG”해쉬태그로 사연보내주세요^^ #jks_zikzin_radio

20 thoughts on “[2014-02-27] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. I want him to come to Norway. JKS likes snowboarding, and he already has outfit from Ferrino, so Norway would be perfect for him. Or he can do mountain hiking if he comes in summer. He has said many times that he likes camping.

    There are many others nice places in Europe. Paris? London? Visit Italy,or Austria, it´s fine for me. Just come to Europe.

  2. Welcome to Romania . It is a very beautiful country in Eastern Europe.
    Traversed by the Danube , Romania landscape includes beautiful Carpathian Mountains , the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta , which is the largest European delta so well preserved. The natural landscape is highlighted by rustic villages where people live there and maintain traditions for hundreds of years . In Romania is an abundance of religious architecture and medieval towns and castles .
    What could be better than sitting on the shore of a mountain river , listening to the murmur of water and hear the birds chirping cheerful .
    We have Transfagarasan and Transalpina, roads through breathtaking mountains and we have caves by breathtaking.
    Just seeing these beauties you can appreciate .
    In addition , even if people know who you are they are able to respect your peace and privacy . Can testify Prince Charles of Great Britain who spends much time in our country.
    And we’re big fans of good music … if you know what I mean ….

  3. I want him to come to ……

    .. Life is short .. So love your life ….

    Be happy .. And keep smiling .. Just Live for yourself .

    To go for a vacation to some pretty place.

    To laugh without a reason.dear…

  4. I want him to go to a place that no one knows him so he can enjoy it without wearing mask or any disguise. Explore the place with his love ones as if it is the last day of his life. Come up with a bucket list and do things that he’ve never done before and make a lasting memories.

  5. I think you should go where your heart wants to go.you know yourself better than anyone else,so nobody else could decide better for you.of course i could be selfish and say come to romania because i would be really happy to see you,but i think that if you want to relax,all you have to do is just let your heart guide you in a journey of redescovering your inner self.i hope you will have fun and be happy ,no matter where you will go.

    • “go where your heart wants to go”. Such beautiful words, Violeta. It could not be said better than that. This is something I should apply in my life, too.

      • Yes, IamZero, you should do just that. I’ve gone where my heart wants to go many times, and those were the happiest moments in my life 🙂

  6. And some papers..I’m interested in that…..what is that about…hmmm are those songtexts are something else…if lyrics…solo or Team H…or maybe a hint about movie ???…reminds me of BM script

    • I´ve wondered about that too. It´s probably just script for Zikzin radio.

      There is something intimate about this picture with his pack of cigarettes, his lighter, his script and his mug.

  7. Sukkie loves the beach Come to the Philippines which is a tropical country. We have so many beautiful beaches and diving, surfing sites, some of the best in the world.All he has to do is ask the thousands of Koreans who have visited our country. Many have loved it so much so that they have opted to live here. We, his fans , have been praying that he will come to the Philippines.

  8. Prince u just come India…it’s a nice country.Here u must see “taj mahal” the symbol of love & also many more that gives u pleasure .plz come bollywood waiting 4 u.:-)

    • Tanushree…You might really be in luck oneday…for he said mentioned many times the most wanted to visit country would be India..tracking the country without care…on his own for a long time
      maybe he must avoid New Delhi though for it’s air polution is one of the highest in the world for now but since India is really really big and has many beautiful and meaningful places to visit he has a myriad of possibilities..
      I would like him to come to the Netherlands…if he comes this year it will be the very first “Kingsday” on 26 april..(our prince crowned King last year)…We have a really interesting most relax inviroment; the dutch people are really liberal minded and easy going, the country is, neat, green and flat and we have a lot of musicfestivals..small country but with big names like DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, DJ Hardwell, DJ Afrojack to name a few..

  9. Thanks mamacri…i pray to God that prince will come ur place one day.And u also visit india one day,it’s a wonderful palce.Here u find multicultura & many more.India wating for u.:-)

    • I also want to visit India. This is my soul dream along with China. I fell in love with them since little kid. Mom, was listening a lot to a romanian singer called Naarghita, who used to sing indian songs. But, I descovered the indian movies, especially Raj Kapoor. Also, my parents own chinese novel books, that I’ve read them more than once, and, since then, my curiosity has grown. I am interested not only for their cultures and traditions, but for their spirituality. And I have the feeling that these countries still keep an ancient atmosphere and mistery, to which I’m very fond of.


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