13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk Graduate from Hanyang University_20140222”

  1. Thank you for the subs!I just love your site. 🙂

    Dear Sukkie, you have accomplished so much over the last 8 years! You have every reason to be proud of yourself.

  2. Thanks for MV and translation. So I understood the words spoken by our Keun Suk.
    Beautiful words said with great emotion. He is a very sensitive young man.
    He deserves to enjoy the results of the hard work he has done over these years.
    Now he can enjoy the fruits of his education. The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.
    Knowledge and experience through hard work are the most precious achievements that he can use later.
    Pride and satisfaction that can be read on his face are legitimate and respectful attitude is to be admired.
    I’m so happy for him and I wish him to remain a free spirit.
    Free Spirit is like a soul of a child: does not know hate, but know how to forgive. Not afraid to cry and can to laugh wholeheartedly. Enjoying every moment and loves dreaming more and more.
    Free spirit is like a fruitful tree: just gives you its fruits, whether you’re a saint or a robber.
    Free Spirit is like any ark can not be kept in port, and is designed to cross the seas and to unite the world.
    Keun Suk exactly as it was before. I wish him to be the same.
    Only good thoughts.

  3. Wow, I praise this team! You guys are so quick in translating and sharing the video. Kudos to all of you! you should also get a credit award from JKS

  4. Thank you very much for the MV with English subtitle. Sugar Sukkie gave a very impressive humble speech. This Son of Koreans is such a darling that we eels love and adore so much

    All the very best to our dear Prince. I just simply love and adore him.

  5. Thank you so much sis Sarah for the translation and Bro Saad for the hard-subbing & video-timing. I’ve been so proud of him these two days with all the endless coverage and updates on his graduation :). I honestly worried a bit about whether he’d ever finish his study or not due to his killer schedule, but he made it just fine! It might take him 8 years, but those 8 years have been worth spent. He achieved a lot, he contributed a lot. I don’t see the cute freshman anymore… I see a grown-up man – super handsome, by the way- who is confident and determined. Keun Suk-ah, congrats once again! welcome to the “post-university” world :)! My prayer and best wishes are always with you in your every way 🙂

  6. Thank u as always dear Sisters.. I was wondering what he said since yesterday .. Our boy .. our only sweet boy .. Love him more and more everyday .

  7. There is nothing to be ashamed of my love, even you were to take 18 years to graduate, you have done it, your hard work and determination is something we eels are proud of and you should proud of yourself too to have such achievement with such busy schedule – you are a good example for the young people to follow, Mary loves you

  8. Congratulations, dear Sukkie ! You have set a fine example to others that with will power and determination, you can achieve your goals despite all odds.I have no doubt that you will continue to reap more successes.Hoping most of all that you will be able to proudly show the world the woman you love finally at your side.


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