8 thoughts on “[Pics-4] JKS’ graduation from Hanyang University”

  1. breathless….the way he laughs…really happy, just student Jang…happy son of Jang papa and Jang mama…

    The professor took her chance…must be an eel…guess this is so unlike korean…
    In my country is very very normal to kiss cheeks…kekeke

  2. Wonderful moments, lived with maximum enjoyment.
    He deserves this time, after a period in which seemed he forgets to smile.
    But it is written that after the night comes the day and after the storm comes the sun.
    I’m happy for him.

  3. my dearest prince,finally your efforts,patience and determination…all that hard studying…despite your heavy schedule…have paid off…so proud of you! you have achieved your dream and graduated like a normal student! a true model for the youth…keep reaching for what u want in life…we support you all the way!love your smile…shows how happy you are!


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