9 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS’ graduation from Hanyang University”

  1. Love the first pic…this is so special… Tree J in a very happy moment…
    Love Jang Keun Suk student/Graduate moments…as normal as can be yet very very special

  2. First pic, suddenly reminds me of my graduation day years ago. Parents was full of joy to witness their child graduation. It’s happy to see them happy. The parents’ happines is the children’s happiness. What a moment it was. I so can see it clearly for Jang’s family. The joy, the pride, the breath of relief, the success of another achievement, .Truly graduation ceremony is a special event, another milestone, that every parents want to be involve with, ( the next will be the wedding ceremony).

    Again, congrat to Mr. Jang, love me to use call him w this. He is really a role model in education field. His busy work schedules didnt let him down. I see some univ students dropped their study for nothing, unreasonable excuses. As instance, for some, they say it’s not so important to finish univ if can make money without the formal education, or got difficulty with one of the Professors that make it hard to get good GPA. The point is once we have decided to do something good, we have to ensure that we gain the final result to include education. Everything is possible as long as one has gut, will, and deliver the act to make his/her dream comes true.

    Looking at Mr. Jang’s award pic, the one he holding the award. *Giggle*

  3. Graduation is an important time for both, the child and parents.
    I know very well the feelings experienced by his parents at this time.
    I have two children and I was with them in touching moments of graduation.
    I was happy and at the same time slightly with the fear what will happen to them.
    It’s when you realize that your children have grown and in fact are no longer children.
    In Keun Suk is different. He is on his feet for a long time, but graduation is a great achievement.
    Congratulations to his parents that they have such a son, and they to be proud of him.

  4. Love the pics, especially the 1st and the last one. It’s so good to see him with his beloved parents…I can see where he gets his natural good looks from. Seeing Gunsama, Jason, Yongdeuk and even his bodyguards and photographer, together with Suk and his proud parents is so heartwarming^^


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