[2014-02-20] Tree-J twitter

Actor Jang, congratulations on your graduation.

장배우 졸업 축하해요.

Even last day of school, Actor Jang is taking care of juniors! ^^ Too good, isn’t he?
학교 마지막 날까지 후배들 챙기는 장배우님!^^ 근데 너무 멋있는거 아니에요?

[NAVER] News: Jang Keun Suk, graduated Hanyang University after 8 years.. Donated 1.2 billion won “embarrassed” http://me2.do/5n7hRGqN
[네이버] 뉴스 : 장근석, 8년만에 한양대 졸업..12억 기탁 "부끄럽다" http://me2.do/5n7hRGqN

[NAVER] News: ‘1.2 billion won’ Jang Keun Suk, continues donation relay ‘role model’ http://me2.do/xOMNS0R7
[네이버] 뉴스 : ’12억 기부’ 장근석, 꾸준한 기부 릴레이 ‘귀감’ http://me2.do/xOMNS0R7

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  1. Congratulations graduate on this momentous day,You’ve work hard to achieve your goals,And now you’re on your way to seek new vistas, Dream new Dreams.Embark on who you are. Embrace your life with passion. And keep reaching your star. Go for it dear sukiii…

  2. Now you fulfill my dream, Sugar Sukkie, seeing you in your graduation gown. Mwah, congratulations with a big kiss and an enormous hug!!! I am so proud of you this best son of Koreans.

    • Yes..he fulfill my dream too since I was not so lucky to get that kind of education…, besides seeing my own daughter graduating this year…this is the next best thing…he is so handsome♥

  3. Sukkie-love! thank you for sharing your wonderful smile with us on your grad day! we are so proud of you more than we can ever express! keep shining my star- your hardwork has paid off! pop the champagne and let’s party tonight! ^^

  4. congrats my love sukkie ,,, you are man of science now ,, you are a perfect man now ,, god bless you and waiting for you next projects ,

  5. Wow…Sukkie is really a bighearthed guy..
    making such big donation to his college…where he was so happy…he want other hopefull and talented to have the same chance…I thought he could not make me a happier eel…but he did!!!

    btw..how much is 1,2 billion krw in $ ?

  6. The perfect picture of our golden, blue-eyed boy! He looks every bit the son that every mother would be incredibly proud of. Can any graduate look more handsome, smart and charming than him? Love the picture of him holding the placate in front of his juniors. What a great senior to have!

  7. Way to go, dear Keun Suk!! You were able to do accomplish your academic goals and to work at the entertainment industry simultaneously!! Wow! Not an easy job, considering how demanding both things can be! Keep up the good effort! Celebrate with joy and feel very proud of yourself, and know that you are a living example of someone who really “walks his talk”. Celebrate this triumph with all the people who really love you and admire you! Zikzin, dearest Actor Jang Keun Suk!!

  8. congratulations,dear prince! you always give your best effort in all that you do…that’s why you get your reward…watched your speech..showed how humble you remain despite everything that you have achieved in life… Hanyang U should really be proud of you…such a bighearted person who is helping younger students achieve their dreams too…no wonder so many eels love you…you have such goodness in your heart…you’re a beautiful person inside and out!


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